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Social Media Page Creation Packages

Get your Business Online through Social Media Marketing Today!

Social Media Starter Kit

Interested in Social Media for your Business but don't have the time to get started, or you aren't sure how to. Let our social media professionals create and customize  your social media page, craft and post your first 2 weeks of content, and develop a fully custom social strategy for your brand.

1.What to expect? 

  • Social Media Page Creation of only two Social Media Platforms 
  • Images and Information added to your Business Pages
  • Choose out of any 2 platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube Channel or LinkedIn Business Pages
  • Creation of content & posting for your Business the first 2 weeks
  • Content includes 1 post/day, 5 days/week (10 posts total) on each platform
  • Credentials Report (Passwords/Login & Authorization) with 15 minute call after the 2 weeks of activity
  • Information about your business, location and industry
  • Digital Images, Videos, Flyers, brochure, etc. 
  • A confirmation of which two platforms you'd like to apply this kit to
  • The email to be used for login information on the each platform (Optional)


Clients Information

  • Clients are responsible for responding to Comments & Messages
  • Does not include advertising cost for Facebook or Google Ads

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