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Posted By S.A.F.E.-T.™ Consultants on 04/09/2019




To see every Jamaican workplace and institution exceeding and maintaining the basic minimum OSHA S.A.F.E.-T.™ standard.

Occupational and Industrial S.A.F.E.-T.™ Consultants emerge upon the landscape to provide guidance to all industries and sectors in achieving the highest OSHA standard of workplace S.A.F.E.-T.™ across Jamaica,


We aim to deliver S.A.F.E.-T.™ without being questioned “y”” in every industry, occupation and sector.

Our Core Values

The core values are at the center of what we do, they define us, prescribe our work, articulate our beliefs and make visible the S.A.F.E.-T.™ Brand.

  1. People: our main concern
  2. Assurance of S.A.F.E.-T.™–because human lives and wellbeing, anywhere, are the things that matter to a humane Jamaican company.
  3. Professionally Healthy Customer Relationships
  4. Reliability that gives us the competitive advantage is anchored in the consistency of the service, products and training offered to our clients
  5. S.A.F.E.-T.™ Consultants will donate 5% towards all Jamaica’s Penal Correctional Facilities, Jails, Juvenile Homes of Safety and Infirmaries/Poor Houses, by discount and provide the supervision of all audits and projects for their improvement.
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