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Posted By Agri & Industrial Safety Supplies Ltd on 05/23/2019

Safety Begins Here

Safety Begins Here

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Having reviewed the value of safety, safety culture, and the importance of having a passion for safety, I'd like to focus on making your workplace safer… and offer specific recommendations to keep your workers safe. Empower your workers to "own" safety by involving them in safety planning. The more an employee understands and takes ownership of the safety plan, the more he/she will take action.

Safety Is a Responsibility:
From a customer's third-floor terracotta roof, a worker slipped and fell off the roof. Because the technicians were using OSHA-required equipment and were tied off correctly, the worker only fell a short distance. Thanks to the company's rigorous employee training, the technician walked away unscathed instead of suffering a serious injury, or even death.

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  • Focus your safety efforts on the most likely issues. Yes, plan for major safety concerns, but eliminate the small safety violations that contribute the most frequent injuries

  • Revisit your safety guidelines every year. Start off each year with an inspection of your workplace and a thorough review of your safety program.

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