16 Ways to Promote Your Business in Jamaica
Posted on 09/29/2021 in Business

16 Ways to Promote Your Business in Jamaica

16 Ways to Promote Your Business in Jamaica

16 Ways to Promote Your Business in Jamaica

Jamaica is a country of entrepreneurs. We thrive on being the country that starts cottage businesses, yet never understand or get the newsletter on “How to make you Business Thrive!” This blog is geared to those small businesses that have the vision of owning a thriving business yet remain unique to their calling and principles.

How to Promote Your Business in 16 Ways

It doesn’t have to cost a whole lot of money to promote your small or new business. The main things to know are what to do. We all know you are operating on a shoestring budget, and most of you are running the business from your pocket. Using all the listed ways may not apply to you at one time; but, using some if not most will certainly help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

1. Vision Plans

For every good idea, we have to plan. Many small business owners believe they have to do a big splash when it comes to marketing and business promotions. The truth is far from this. In Jamaica, there is Things Jamaica and JBDC or Jamaica Business Development Corporation that are registered facilities that will help you in formulating a business plan. They will help you to identify your key customer target group and how to reach them. They will determine the scope of your advertising reach.

It is also a good plan to be members of these associations so you are among the “know crowd” when particular events like trade shows, seminars, and workshops you can attend. They plan many over the year, so you should position yourself to attend as is possible. This is where you have the freedom to sell your product and services on a scale that will let you be known in the marketplace.

2. Get a Website

If you don’t have a website for your business you must do. Being on Facebook may give you some scope of advertising, but with a website, you can fully establish your product in a more complete package. Just imagine you are looking through a catalog; having your website is a grand catalog that will give customers and potential customers all the information about your business. 

If you cannot afford to engage an established website designing company, you should utilize “Do it Yourself” options like Godaddy, and Wix. They have custom templates to help you build a website. The thing to know is that you ensure the services you are getting are user-friendly with smartphones, and laptops. 

3. Write a Blog

A blog is a content written to tell customers about you. For a business owner, it is telling customers and potential customers about the business. Post it on your website or generate flyers and put them on supermarket notice boards, business places that give you permission to post, or even schools and colleges. Think BIG and WIDE!!

4. Embrace Google, Yahoo, and Bing

These are the three main online platforms that searches are done. For your website to be available to the public and your customers and prospective customers, these three major search engine platforms must have access. This is where as much as 75% of any users of smartphones, and laptops will login to get information on products and services. So, your website provider must ensure they have you plugged into all these options for wider coverage.

5. Use Billboards

We all have seen billboards while driving on our roads or splashed across some business wall. This is a huge pictorial splash of advertising. It may be a bit pricy, but the investment will pay off over time. Just imagine you looking at a billboard and the graphics just get imprinted in your mind; this is what will happen to potential customers. They will see the billboard advert of your business and remember.

6. Truck, Cars, Wraps, Ads

Billboards as an option to promote your business can be taken up several notches. Have you ever seen businesses being advertised on buses, trucks, and cars? These are called wrap advertising and it is an avenue to be considered. The cars, buses, and trucks will travel over the island, and what better advertising to have. You just pay for the wrap once and get many miles of advertising for the one price.

7. Do Newspaper Advertisement

Doing a newspaper advertisement is a great way to promote your business. This opens up your information to persons who read newspapers. So, investigating the cost of advertising in the Daily Gleaner, The Observer, or The Star, are great avenues to promote. Deciding on the size of the Ad all depends on your budget, so shop wisely.

8. Invest in a Radio Ad

This is something we all grew up on. Listening to the radio and hearing the many different products being advertised. Choose the radio station you are familiar with, and get a package you are sure can work for you. It is good to do a sit down with the sales representative and work out a package.

9. Create a Video

Having a website is a great way to utilize a video of your business. You can upload it to YouTube while having it also on your website. Facebook is also an option for uploading your business video as well.

10. A Musical Fashion show or Sing Outside your Building

This may be a stretch of the imagination, but just think for a minute; we have Reggae as our National Music. Creating a jingle about your business will get you noticed. You don’t even have to use a well-known artist. There are many Sing Jays and Deejays around, that need the exposure as well. Have collaboration with one or two and have them sing outside your building; while utilizing family members and friends to model some of your items, if you are in fashion. If not fashion; the Deejay is just as powerful singing outside your business. 

11. Trade Show or Expo

An expo or trade show is an excellent way to put your business out in the public. To set up a trade show, you will have to do some very detailed advertisements; like radio adverts, television adverts, as well as flyers. These are just some of the options you may want to consider. The trade show will allow many persons from different business sectors or even other small business owners to want to be a part of the event. It is also an excellent avenue to promote your products and services across a wide cross-section of customers.

This is also a great way to venture into a co advertising campaign with a few of the more established companies or new small businesses. Supporting each other will make you stronger for it.

12. Networking With Other Businesses

This is an excellent opening for your trade show as well as it enables you to network with other businesses. It continues even after the trade show, so you are at the forefront of customers’ minds. Use the space to offer to work with your competitors while engaging to acquire new customers. Never use a networking venture to steal your competitor’s clients, as this is not a good sign of good business practice. Remember, words get around and you may find you are left out in the cold if caught client stealing.

13. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

Social media advertising needs to become the language many small businesses and new businesses speak. For a cheaper or cost-effective mode of advertising, many entrepreneurs are seeking this is it! Jamaicans need to gravitate to social media which can be utilized by engaging the reach of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Followers of products and services will get you the customer base you need.

14. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO tie into your website portfolio for advertising. With the website, SEO gathers the content information on the pages. The HOME, ABOUT US, and SERVICES pages are excellent ways for search engines to gather information. This is used during customer searches online for products and services. The more content worthy your pages are about your goods and services, as well as business name, address and contact information, will get you more customers. 

Searchers do not like to be on a site for more than four seconds when looking for a product. The easier the information is available, the better for your business. So your content needs to be written with relevant keywords customers will use during searches.

E.g.: If you are a sports Goods Company like ADIDAS, their keywords are:

Trendy sports ware




Sweat pants

So having professionally done content SEO optimized will help a lot in getting your business seen during searches.

15. Business Cards

Doing all of the above is very important. Having business cards done and putting them to good use is one of the most effective advertisement strategies. On speaking to anyone you should pass out a few business cards so you are represented. Give out to friends and family members; let them know you have officially started your business and they will be the best form of personal tout you will ever need.

16. Utilize Your Current Customer Base

This is another great way to advertise. Offer discounts to any customers that bring new customers to your business. Have a special price for them, as this will always influence them to be that generous in telling others about your products and services. Don’t be shy, selling something for half price and getting 4 or 5 new customers will cover the discount over and over.

This is also a good way to get reviews from customers. Have questionnaires on hand to give out as a way to know for room to improve your service, as well as telling you how great your business is.

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