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Posted on 10/06/2021 in Places

7 Best Sports Bars in Kingston Jamaica

7 Best Sports Bars in Kingston Jamaica

7 Best Sports Bars in Kingston Jamaica

I know that many people in Jamaica do not consider visiting a bar as a social event. This much is true within the church-going community. I am not knocking you, so, here is my take on the whole thing. To each his own!! We have many friends and acquaintances that are not churchgoers, yet we associate with them. Maybe hanging with them at their favorite social spot may clear up a lot of our misconceptions, and help to understand why they do go as a means of relaxation. Enough said.

The challenge for most persons is to find a social spot that covers most if not all the needs of each individual. Some sports bars seek to have most or all the needs to ensure you are pleasantly compensated for your choice to spend your valuable time with them. Here are my 8 picks of the best sports bars in Kingston. You may choose to agree or disagree, however, as I said; to each his own.

First of 7 Best Sports Bars

Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records

My #1 pick, Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records, we can only expect to be pleasingly surprised. The world-famous track star has put his mark on something he truly loves; good food, great music, and sports. All wrapped up in this one place. There are two locations, In Kingston and Montego Bay.

This sports bar caters to the entire family. You can lounge with family and friends of all ages and enjoy great food, quality socializing and watch the sporting event you love. You can expect to see some of the track stars dropping in for a meal or just to chill.

Based on the many reviews of patrons, the food is amazing! The drinks are to die for and the service is a cut above the rest. You will find not many restaurants that offer this great combination.

Reservations for group celebrations or just as a group may be had, or you may choose to drop in and while enjoying the ambiance, wait to be served. Doing this while rocking to some of the best Reggae music you will ever hear, from some of the world-renowned artists. If you are on the run, you should order before going. This establishment is given a 4-Star rating by patrons.

Second of 7 Best Sports Bars

Triple Century Sports Bar & Grill is my #2 choice, is at a 3.9-Star rating by patrons. This establishment caters to the family as well. You may choose to do a birthday celebration, private dining, or just hang out with family and friends. As seen posted in the reviews, a patron chose to have their after wedding gathering there; this shows the kind of class service that is expected.

Interactive Tuesdays are something to look forward to at Triple Century Sports Bar & Grill. At this social, you play different games and win prizes. Just imagine the kind of riotous fun you can expect to have on Tuesdays! You may even get to meet see some of your favorite cricket stars up close and personal! That would be an experience to remember.

Third of 7 Best Sports Bars

My third pick is the Macau Gaming Lounge & Bar. This is also a family-catered establishment that affords any celebration or occasion. The restaurant is family-friendly, and the bar caters to more adult companies. So if you want to have a nice evening with your family it is best to go from opening to 10:00 pm. Not to worry, just call and make your reservation and ask for what you want. You will certainly be accommodated.

The “who’s is who” are there, you are fêted with the most delicious fare you can imagine while listening to some great music. Your gaming experience is memorable, especially if you go with a group of friends who know how to relax and have fun.

 So, if you want to hole’ a vibe Macau Gaming Lounge & Bar is the place to be.

Fourth of 7 Best Sports Bars

Almond Tree Sports Bar & Lounge is the place to be if you enjoy being with family. Even if you are not with your own family, the staff will fit in just fine. Their seafood dishes are to die for, and the atmosphere is like having a meal in your backyard. The vibe and setup are like one of those first-time house parties we used to have in Jamaica. Where you only have guests in your house and the gate is closed when everyone invited has arrived. This is the kind of intimate setting you will enjoy. They also have a very interactive relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy great food.

Meals are done to order, so plan to wait a while, while jamming to some good music, but you will not be disappointed. The lunch orders are best done early as there is a long waiting list on any given day. Deliveries may be had as well.

The fifth of 7 Best Sports Bars

Barbican Beach Bar is located in the heart of Kingston. This spot caters to sports lovers as well as persons who just want to chill and have a good time. No other sports bar can boast about their location which gives you the best view of Kingston from their VIP Box. The view is breathtaking! With their quaint barrel chairs and tables along with the masculine décor, you are already feeling the vibe.

Backyard skirmish games can be enjoyed while having great food and drinks. There is nothing you can take away from the ingenuity and planning of this establishment for the ambiance.  So kick back, and enjoy!

Sixth of 7 Best Sports Bars

Maybe one of my all-time favorites is the Mahogany Tree Bar, located on the magnificent Devon House grounds. The Devon House is part of Jamaica’s rich history, as the house was owned by our first black millionaire in 1881. The property is now owned by the Jamaican Government and is protected by the Jamaica Heritage Trust. It houses restaurants, an ice cream parlor, craft shops, and of course the #6 pick of bars. You may enjoy not only the scenery, along local drinks, cocktails, as well as the nicest Pizza. Not only the ambiance that is unique, but getting seated especially on the weekend is rough. On Friday nights there are live bands with DJs for entertainment.

Seventh of 7 Sports Bars: Ribbiz

Ribbiz is located in Downtown Kingston by the Victoria pier, and at Barbican Square, Loshusan Center Jamaica. Want to have a great vibe while enjoying good company with friends; this is the place to be. Just imagine being on the waterfront by the pier, enjoying the cool breeze from the Caribbean Sea with some great music, and sipping on a cold Red Stripe. While at the Loshusan location you are in the heart of Kingston rubbing shoulders with your kind of happy people. Listening to great music, good food, and just chilling, or dancing. Whatever strikes as the thing to do? Needing somewhere to go on a Friday or Saturday night after work? Then check out Ribbiz!







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