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Posted on 11/16/2019 in Health & Wellness

A Taste of Italy Here in Jamaica! PIZZA!!

A Taste of Italy Here in Jamaica! PIZZA!!

Because we are classified as a melting pot of different race and cultures, and our motto is “ Out of Many One people!” It is not surprising we are also of blended appetites of different tastes and flavors. In Jamaica, there can be found by any visitor of any nationality to our shores a taste of home. With a Jamaican touch; of course!

Some Pizza Places In Jamaica

Just imagine you biting into a huge slice of one of the most delicious, incredible foods ever created by the Italians. And we have it here! There are quite a few pizza places on the island, and we know of the traditional Dominoes and Pizza Hut. There are, however, more authentic than the traditional and commercial restaurants. Some Italians have come to make their home in Jamaica, and have established the signature tastes of their culinary delights right here. 

Authentic Italian Restaurants in Jamaica

  • Pizza Please

  • La Pizzeria

  • F & B Down Town

As Jamaicans, we are blessed with the love of flavors and so we have embraced the kinds of foods from Italy. Pizza Please have combined and even excelled on our Jamaican jerk by making a signature pizza just for us. Apart from the traditional pineapple and pepperoni topping, we have as Jamaican; jerk chicken and pork, callaloo, even plantain crust, barbecued fish and ackee. Now, if this is not Pizza in Jamaica, I don’t know what is?! Their menu also caters to persons who are vegans. There is no-one that cannot enjoy the taste of Italy in Jamaica while eating at Pizza Please. 

La Pizzeria and F&B Down Town are just as incredible places to venture from the traditional Jamaican foods. It is nice too and I encourage my Jamaican people to explore, treat yourself to something different in the way of eating. Our concept of curry, stews, and fried goodies are just some of the many culinary delights here on the island. Pizza is here to stay, no more are we just longing to have a taste of the crusty, cheesy, meaty, saucy, delicious meal. It is being served right here!

You can treat yourself to a slice or share a whole pie with your co-workers, or instead of cooking just get a few pies for home. On your way home you can stop by at any of the traditional pizza places or newly established Italian restaurants and indulge. The atmosphere is friendly at any of the establishments you choose to visit, and the feel of being with the family will have you wanting more. 

 There are no short cuts on quality, preparation time allows you to chat with the owners once they are available. You are introduced to a myriad of different dishes which are uniquely done blending Jamaica with Italy. If you choose to live on the safe side, you are also treated to Jamaican dishes with the twist of Italy thrown in. This is also an experience you should not miss. The options are yours, however, I challenge you to live on the wild side and indulge your tastebuds! You will not be disappointed!.

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