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Auto Parts Providers & Dealers in Jamaica | Important Tips

Auto Parts Providers & Dealers in Jamaica | Important Tips

Auto Parts in Jamaica | Things to Know 

Most if not all local automotive parts outlets prefer to stock more demanded needed parts mainly because of the purchased make and model of vehicles here in Jamaica. 

Most motor vehicles you see parked the across the island are mainly and some brands of Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Isuzu, Suzuki etc. Exclusive or High-End motor vehicles from brands such as Mitsubishi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Bentley, and Land Rover, Porsche are just some of the high-end vehicles with physical Stores or Outlets in Jamaica. Other high-end brands are represented by local dealership in Jamaica.

Popular Auto Parts Servicing Outlets in Jamaica 

These local auto parts stores are stocked with just any parts you need for your vehicle. Their services are also quite reliable, as, on any given day, you may call to inquire for the particular car part you need, information is readily given and the customer service is great. 

For High-end car sales stores, they generally stock parts for the brand vehicle they sell so you as a customer would not have to look very far for what is needed which is very convenient. For individuals who import high-end cars, specifically rare brands from what these parts stores originally offer which sometimes generates challenges or delays in acquiring those unique parts. 

The first possibility or approach would to source the part online, purchase and await delivery. 

Back Door Auto Parts Dealers in Jamaica

There is also the other side of the coin for auto parts dealers in Jamaica that is very well known. There are some unlicensed or licensed dealers who get their parts from "chop shops".

This is a lucrative business here on the island, and the authorities have great challenges to stem the practice. Persons will steal a car or cars, disassemble that motor vehicle parts and have them up for sale. Somehow, auto parts dealer buy the parts from these unscrupulous individuals. 

Another derived issue is the so called"back-yard" mechanic shops, where mechanics & repair outlets also purchase these stolen parts from these persons to make their repairs possible.It is a challenge for the authorities to locate the stolen parts after it has been used to repair a vehicle.

 It is also a challenge to even find the vehicle after it is stolen as these "chop-shops" flourish and operate with speed as the

demand for auto parts is great. 

The influx of these many vehicles and being able to fulfill the demand for parts as needed gives the business time to thrive. Yet, individuals should be vigilant with the type of service they seek, whether to purchase, repair or service a vehicle.  Most stolen cars are of specific brands. 

See these brands/Model below;

  •  Toyota Corolla - Which accounts for the highest number stolen vehicles, 
  • Nissan Sunny
  • Honda Civic

It is also important to note, that insurance premiums for these brand vehicles are very high. Many persons do not realize the risk taken when purchasing these vehicles. As if it is stolen, there are no guarantees for recovery. It is also important to be aware of the auto parts you are receiving after purchase as well as their condition.

Popular "Used Auto Parts" Stores in Kingston, Jamaica

It is safe to say that it is always safer to get your motor vehicle repairs, servicing or purchasing of your auto parts from well known Auto dealers in Jamaica. Below in this article are listed a few Established Auto Part Dealers in Jamaica to consider: 

Bert's Auto Parts in Kingston

Bert's auto parts is a well known "parts shop" or motor vehicle parts outlet in Jamaica for over 30 years. 

Addresses                                                 Telephone

1) 6 - 10 Camp Rd, Kingston              Toll: +1 888-991-5459

2) 57 Molynes Rd, Kingston               Tel: (876) 901-4657

3)56 Hagley Park Rd, Kingston          Tel: (876) 906-0184

Sheldon Auto Parts

Shops 2-4, Miel Complex, 

1 Molynes Rd, Kingston 10

Telephone: (876) 920-9170

Excel Auto Parts Jamaica

Address: 95 1/2 Hagley Park Rd, Kingston

Telephone: (876) 757-0570

Superior Auto Parts 

Address: 88, 10 Hagley Park Rd, Kingston

Telephone: (876) 618-3668

Auto Parts Portmore

Address: 95 1/2 Hagley Park Rd, Kingston

Telephone: (876) 757-0570

Auto King Parts & Accessories

Address: Portmore, St. Catherine

Telephone: (876) 746-7006

Alex Imports Ltd

Address: 284 Spanish Town Rd, Kingston

Telephone: (876) 765-2317

Tony's Auto Parts

Shop # 12-13, Kings Plaza, 38 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston 10

Telephone: (876) 968-7392

Morty's Auto Parts

Address: 51 Red Hills Rd, Kingston

Telephone: (876) 905-4111

Bmull Auto Ltd. Kingston

Address: 75 Hagley Park Rd, Kingston

Telephone: (876) 625-1115

Sure Fit Auto Parts

37 Molynes Rd, Kingston

Telephone: (876) 754-8794

Street & Track Auto Parts

 8 Carter Ave, Kingston

Telephone: (876) 906-6212

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