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Posted on 05/30/2018 in Category 1

Benefits of Hand washing

Benefits of Hand washing

Benefits of Handwashing

Washing our hands regularly is the best way to stop germs from spreading and prevents us from contaminating yourself with contagious diseases. Keeping our hands clean also improved our personal hygiene. Everything we touch we take it with us on our hands. If we don’t wash our hands properly and put them in our mouth, just picture the amount of bacteria that is going down into our body. Our hands sometimes may look clean when they really aren't because Germs that causes illnesses are microscopic; they cannot be seen with our naked eyes. So at all times we must ensure that our hands are kept clean.

How often should we wash our hands?

  • Before and after eating or touching food
  • After using the bathroom
  • After blowing your nose or coughing
  • After touching pets or other animals
  • After going out into public places
  • Before and after visiting a sick relative or friend
  • Before and after we take care of sick persons.

12 easy handwashing steps

  • Turn faucets or pipe to a low gentle stream; this will save the amount of water you will be using throughout the entire hand washing process.
  • Hold your hand slightly downward and allow water to run from elbow down to finger tips
  • Take liquid or bar soap in hand and rub palms together to make a rich lather.
  • NB: If you are using a bar soap you should keep it your hand throughout the entire handwashing process.
  • Apply soap from the elbow straight down to finger tips and rub vigorously; this will loosen all dirt and germs lingering on your hands.
  • Use fingertips of one hand to rub the finger web of the other and repeat similar process with the other hand
  • Take the fingertips of one hand to rub the palm of the other hand this will push the soap lather underneath the fingernail bed. Do the same to the other hand
  • Take your fingernail brush and finger nail pick to clean under the nail bed
  • When you are ready to rinse your hands put bar soap down and hold hand slightly downward as before and allow water to rinse hand from elbows to finger tips.
  • Take a piece of hand towel and dry hands from finger tips to elbow.
  • Use that same hand towel to turn off faucets or pipe.
  • If you happen to be in a bathroom, use the hand towel then your elbow to open the door.
  • Discard of hand towel into bin.

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