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BusinessJA - Mission Statement

BusinessJA - Mission Statement

Mission Statement

BusinessJA is Digital Business Platform & Internet Directory in which visitors are able to connect, network & promote local Businesses in Jamaica. Online visitors will be able to connect, request information, view products, events, article, classifieds, jobs, properties etc. relating to a particular Business while also providing opportunities to network,  partner & promote with other potential prospects.

      As a company developed specifically for Jamaican Businesses, our intentions is to embed 12 years of intense research, experience, time and development by providing extensive support to promote local businesses online effectively & affordable.  By providing outstanding services that connects Business owners and customers together & established lasting business relationships over the years to come.

   We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. BusinessJA believes in team work, which will result in meeting the needs of our members. We value our people and encourage their development to the fullest.

BusinessJA Members are not only benefiting from being exposed on out Digital Platform by having an listing with us, however they are kept informed on the latest tips, tactics, trends, market flow, Business-related news so they can keep their Business up to date. Whether it’s the Social Media or website aspect, a business should ensure that customers can find your business online effectively and information available for that particular business should be consistent & efficient.

 BusinessJA will never keep our members unnoticed on any opportunity that arises to increase their business presence by utilizing most of what is free and affordable to promote your business online.

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