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BusinessJa--The Best Yellow Pages Directory for Jamaica

BusinessJa--The Best Yellow Pages Directory for  Jamaica

BussinessJa is a Local Jamaican Business Directory. The brand, which is online based, was recently launched to improve the local business directory demographic. Our goal is to help promote your product and service awareness in the locality and the larger community in the target area.

It works by indexing our business in our directory pool and avail the same to the public. The potential client visits the site and finds your listing together with our contacts, including your website and that’s how the client lands on your site to access products or the services.

BussinessJa is truly a Jamaican Business Directory facilitating companies aspiring to work in the Jamaican market by exploiting the wide listing from our new business directory. Jamaicans who wish to engage companies beyond the country’s boundaries can immensely benefit from our directory of other Jamaican companies or services abroad.

Some of the listings included on Jamaica Online Business directory, BussinessJa are one of  the Yellow pages, Jamaica Phone directory, Jamaica business listing. Yelloewja.

 and many others. This is therefore, the place to get connected for all your business and services search.


Low Budget Advertising

BussinessJa is an affiliate of the yellow pages which means that if your business is registered with us then you become part of the worldwide online directory by extension. Furthermore, our rates are the most competitive in the region. Hence, we offer you the best exposure for your brand or business for the best price.

Target Potential Clients

According to research, today’s customers are more likely to search online for the best products and services especially if the customer is new to the location , this is also true if they are looking for a store to buy a new product. The online Business directory serves to direct those clients business to your website.

There is also the probability of a customer noticing your product and eventually considering to buy or engage your services despite the fact that they weren’t necessarily looking to buy it.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique used by content developers for sites to allow your site to have a higher ranking on search engines. It is based on the use of certain keywords/ phrases in the site content that allows the search engines to easily fetch during a search. This, in turn, allows your site to be among the top search results leading to a higher site traffic.


The online Business directory can be used to catalogue local shops and stores in the community. This will make it easier for clients and customers to find and engage your services. Most importantly is the professional appearance your business acquires by being listed.

Why the online directory is important.

Find Competitors as well as new entries. An online business directory allows you to gain exposure, rank on Google and target new customers. The online listing directory allows you to identify and study your competitors to your advantage by finding out what people have to say about them - good or bad.

Linking your business website to another with high authority is an effective way to improve your exposure online. New customers are more likely to remember you once they found you on a credible site. The affiliation of your business with BussinessJa directory will provide the said exposure.

Today’s digital world is complex and rapidly changing. It can be challenging for busy business owners to keep up with. However, we can help. When you choose BussinessJa, you get personalized advice on the right digital marketing solutions to reach more customers.

Why work with BussinessJa

            Although we have just launched, we are strategically placed in every neighbourhood and this gives us the advantage of understanding the local market. This will directly translate to a better target market and unique expertise for your business brand.

Personalized expertise

          Work with an advisor who will get to understand your business and gradually provide custom-tailored solutions to help meet your goals sooner.

See clear proof of results with analytics that measure your return on investment.

Advertise on the BussinessJa… Strengthen your online presence. Harness search engines and social media…We’ve got all your digital bases covered.

Got your attention?

Explore more on BussinessJa Digital Solutions. Use the BussinessJa Advisor for a customized recommendation or solution for your business today. Reach us today for any of the following services listing:

  • Food/ Restaurants
  • Home Improvement
  • Wedding
  • Pizza
  • Car Rental
  • Jobs
  • Free business directory
  • Bank
  • Beauty Salon, air conditioning
  • Attorney
  • Doctor, Hospital
  • Real estate
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cinema
  • Funeral homes
  • Loans
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