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Posted on 10/06/2021 in Travel

Car Rental Businesses in Jamaica

Car Rental Businesses in Jamaica

Car Rental Businesses in Jamaica

   The car rental business in Jamaica is closely connected to the tourism industry. This does not mean only persons that are vacationers can utilize the service. It is by law a registered entity that entitles persons who rent a vehicle to certain insurances and assurances. If you are desirous of touring the island or even doing business here in Jamaica, it is the recommendation you use a licensed rental agency.

Unregistered Car Rental Business

There are some persons who rather do a business “on the side”. So, they operate an unregistered car rental business. This is not to say they are untrustworthy. However, there are those who give trustworthy ones a bad name. Recommendations from persons who have utilized unregistered car rental businesses are great deals at times. The drawback is; with a registered company they have sub-offices at the airport and you can pick up your vehicle on arrival, while, the unregistered ones does not. The overall charges for hotel, and rental is in one package. For the unregistered, many will do cash transactions and there are no guarantees of insurance. 

Some persons who visit Jamaica on a regular basis will formulate friendships with locals. This comes about because the friendships with locals can last for many years, so when they visit the island, it is easy to ask a friend to get a “rental car” for them. The friend will pick them up at the airport and they collect the vehicle. Most will engage the friend to be their driver for the time spent. The rental fees are charged by the day, and specials can be had if using the vehicle beyond a certain amount of days. 

The registered car rental businesses have deals as well, while other charges are built-in though you are not told upfront. The thing to remember, you are dealing with a different culture at all times while here in Jamaica. 

Registered Car Rental Businesses

 These generally have a sub-office at the airport or at some hotels as mentioned earlier. The booking agency can have your rental be a part of your package and you pay one bill. The charges will reflect in your credit card or banking statements, so you know what and when you used the rental services. Many persons prefer this option, as it is hassle-free. They are able to pick up the vehicle on arrival either at the airport or at the hotel. If you find you are experiencing any difficulties with the vehicle, you can always make an exchange. This is a part of the service for the registered rental agency.

With the private ones, you may or definitely find it more difficult to negotiate, as they don’t have a built-in system of exchange in the event of vehicle problems. Negotiations may go awry but if the private car rental owner is trustworthy, will make arrangements for the exchange. One thing you need to remember though; ensure you get a receipt from them for the transaction. Many will comply. In the event this is not forthcoming, your best option, use a registered car rental business. This will protect both parties better than the unregistered ones.



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