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Posted on 06/06/2018 in Category 1

Fainting, What to do?

Fainting, What to do?

I went to a funeral a few weeks ago of a young man who last his life because of kidney failure. However throughout the service his sister came in and saw her brother lifelessly lying in a coffin, this is when the reality suddenly hits it was a clarification that her brother is actually dead. She cried so much that she fainted or in other words passed out. Everyone started panicking and started to crowd around her. A woman can by and started slapping the casualty’s face and shouting out her name. Someone even went to the extreme and started pouring water onto the casualty's her face.

Now don’t be shock if I tell you that this is not the first funeral or event that I have been to and witness similar incidents. In seeing these things reoccurring, I think it is time for me to write a blog to help us to better understand what to do if someone faints in front of us.


This is a momentary loss of consciousness that last for not more than a few Minutes. Fainting may be caused by many thing like: a neurological conditions which affects the nervous system or Autonomic nervous system malfunction, nervous reaction to pain, fright, the emotional from lack of food, Hypotension (a fall in blood pressure), diabetes, Heart problems, Reflex anoxic seizures (RAS), Seizures any many more. Fainting is also caused by a temporary reduction in the low of blood to the brain.

Signs and symptoms of Fainting are; Slow, weak pulse and paleness


  • When Casualty faints, put him/her to lie down and maintain an open airway
  • Position casualty so that gravity helps the flow of blood to the brain.
  • Loosen any tight closing around the neck chest and waist to assist circulation and breathing.
  • Make sure that the casualty gets a lot of fresh air and if necessary, place casualty in a cool place.
  • Reassure the casualty while he/she regains conscious and gradually him/her to a sitting position
  • Check and treat any injury that the casualty may have sustained, when he had fallen
  • Check him breathing rate, pulse and level of responsiveness. If casualty is still unconscious, complete the A.B.C law. Give nothing by mouth if unconscious.

If you happen to see someone who looks like they are about to faint and they are on a parade o in a crowd, advice him/her to flex the leg muscles and toes to aid in circulation. If the casualty feels unsteady sit him/her down, tell him/her to lean forward with head between their knees and advise the casualty to take deep breaths.

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