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Posted on 05/15/2020 in Business

Good Customer Service and Its Benefits to Businesses in Jamaica

Good Customer Service and Its Benefits to Businesses in Jamaica

What is Good Customer Service and Its Benefits to Businesses

We all know what customer service is. We expect it whenever we go into any business and to be served. It is what helps us to determine if we should continue using the business's services or products. Many small businesses or even large ones here in Jamaica, have fallen on the art and practice of good customer service. The thing is because many persons are led to believe, there is nothing that can be done to improve this, and we continue to accept bad customer service. 

Businesses also believe, customers don’t have a choice in the matter of getting goods and services, so they don’t invest in having staff deliver this wonderful commodity to customers. Contrary to what is believed, the greater body of consumers does know what “GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!” is.

What to Do to Improve your business Customer service

The challenge is and always is to find the business that is willing to invest in ensuring they do not fall short in this area of their service to the public. There are a few places that invest in training staff and I can assure you, they see a marked improvement in their customer relations and even sales. People, like to know no matter how they look or how much they have to spend it is appreciated with good customer service.


Investing means; engaging training institutions that can teach customer service to members of staff, for any organization. It does not matter if your business is a corner shop, a wholesale establishment, a bank, or a clothing store, engaging someone who knows about good customer service to training your staff is a worthwhile investment. You are investing in your staff to ensure personal growth, great service, and improved profit margins. Just imagine, persons being served well within your business and they spread the word about how good they felt. This opens the door for new customers, better sales of goods and services. 

Good Customer service is like social media. Social media can make or break you in many ways but the most important one. If social media posts your staff does not treat customers well, you can bet your bottom dollar, this will spread like wildfire. Many persons who have experienced the same bad treatment will add to the post.

Is your business known for providing “Good” Customer Service?

If your business is known for treating customers with respect, are helpful, cheerful, smiling, and are pleasant in their responses to questions when asked, you have a winning business. Please remember, even speaking to someone over the phone, your mannerism can be transmitted. Have you ever spoken to someone over the phone and your whole day was changed for the better? You feel happy, even if it was raining outside, you feel like sunshine on the inside. The opposite is also true; talking with a grumpy person on the phone, which is rude and nasty, will certainly change your day to being dark and gloomy. 

The rationale behind good customer service is; a courteous demeanor, a pleasant smile, and wanting to give the best service you possibly can. This can only be taught, If we allow bad customer service to be the order of the day, chances are many businesses will not be around or profitability will be lessened. 

Jamaica is known for its vibrant and friendly people; please do not let us lose this in one of the most integral parts of our culture; how we deal with our people. Remember, “We have to learn to laugh at home before we can laugh abroad”. It is not only good customer service for visitors to our island but good customer service for our fellow Jamaicans. Your Business Brand will thank you for it!


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