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Posted on 05/20/2021 in Business

How Good is Jamaica’s Customer Service

How Good is Jamaica’s Customer Service

How Good is Jamaica’s Customer Service?

The concept seems to be so farfetched it does not warrant mentioning, in the Jamaican sphere. I am talking about customer service. There is horrible, mediocre, bad, good, and great customer service. Jamaica, in many establishments, falls within the categories of horrible and good. Few establishments fall within the mention of great! This is a poor reflection on our country.

We are known as a friendly, loving, and caring people; so why do we not consider the full package to encompass great customer service? The very same people we need to purchase our goods and services which enable businesses to stay in operation does need to ensure they provide this kind of service. We must learn and understand this very quickly, as it can make or break our business.

The BPO (business process outsourcing industry) understands this concept; hence, they invest in training at the highest level. It maintains its business standards, so customers will seek their services over and over. Investors plan to ensure the business they have and want to continue to have, when they come to Jamaica, is of world-class quality. Investing in training in customer service is a must.

Local Businesses in Jamaica and Customer Service

The Public Sector is at the helm of this category of local businesses. Since the Government is the ones that are the employers of personnel in the public sector; I believe there needs to be more concentration to upgrade customer service from good to great. It should be promptly, with great customer service, both the customer and the customer service representative on the conclusion of the issue, are satisfied. 

However, sadly, this is not what happens. In many instances, both parties are left feeling frustrated, and getting issues resolved takes longer than it should. This is what happens in many of the public sector entities, in our country. Why? Because training seems to be, the one area that needs an upgrade, which is essential to growth. 

It can be daunting for a person to be employed into a business, though academically qualified, and is not trained to deal with customers. It should not be ‘understood’ what to do and what not to do. 

Private Sector Local Businesses

I am talking also for businesses outside the public sector; I am talking about businesses like the corner shop. They are providing customer service, so it must be of a high standard. You walk into a fast-food restaurant or a corner eatery and you want to run for the hills. The service leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and you don’t even want to complete your order, much less eat the food. The same goes for service providers, who have customer service representatives that are rude and unhelpful, to say the least.


As a nation, we cannot bask in the glory of our past “manners” that took us very far. We have to ensure the new generation in all spheres of our country is taught to be customer friendly. May I suggest; If we are to become the Mecca of a customer-driven country, that is of the highest standard, maybe we should have this taught as a subject in schools. Then it will cost as much as any subject and you get a passing or failing grade. Then the quality and importance of investing in such a human requirement will be met. 

Jamaica has so much potential; our people can aspire to greatness once we put our minds to it. Why not challenge ourselves to invest, and accomplish GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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