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How to Become a Carpenter in Jamaica

How to Become a Carpenter in Jamaica

How to Become a Carpenter in Jamaica

Like most careers, you need formal training and to be certified. Plumbing is no exception. Being apprenticed is an option, however, because the field has developed so much and the newer technologies involved, it may be best to enroll in one of the government programs. In Jamaica, we have the HEART Trust/ NCTVET, NTA’s National Council on Technical and Vocational Education as the island's main training facility. This is where any person who is desirous to get certified for any of the many careers may apply. There is also the Union Institute & University which has under its umbrella of institutions; The Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica, and Operation Friendship.

Subjects needed for Learning Plumbing

To become a plumber you will need to have these passes to apply:

  • High School Diploma
  • Skilled in Math, Algebra, and Geometry
  • A science subject; namely Physics
  • Computer-aided Drafting


This institution has been in existence SINCE 1982 and has evolved over the years to incorporate skilled institutions. This enables people across Jamaica to have at their disposal training facilities in their communities. The realization came about as persons who were desirous to be trained in skilled careers had to relocate or travel to Kingston or any parish that housed the course. The government along with the Ministry of Education forged links with other institutions and they were accredited under the umbrella of The HEART Trust. 

The Union Institute & University 

Wanting to become a plumber is a noble career. This institution affords persons to be enrolled for a minimum of 2 ½ year program to study; Applied Science in Plumbing Services and Technology. This course combines the theoretical and practical principles of plumbing for the student, and on graduation is afforded an Associate Degree. They can perform in any environment be it the hotel, residential, construction, and commercial. The skills are compatible with international standards while enabling the graduates to be employed in any sector of society. Graduates are employed by the Parish Councils and the Ministry of Labour. 


The Canadian Employment Program also absorbs skilled personnel so they are allowed to go on short work programs there. These work programs have been very beneficial to many Jamaicans, and should they choose to become permanent residences in Canada with a skill like plumbing, they can. They can apply for this status, and should a position or vacancy be available, they are given the chance to reside along with their family. 

The Plumbing Courses in Jamaica

 This course is not restricted to only men. Women are deciding to venture into skilled jobs generally were for men. This has not lessened their sex as it has enhanced the many avenues opened to women to gain employment. It can be a bit challenging for some men, as they may feel threatened. However, a woman can take on any skill they choose and in many cases excel. A perfect example is this article posted in the Gleaner by the Jamaica Information Service on March 28, 2018:


Plumbing is a skill and career choice that enables you a permanent employment position, especially if you show the many competencies required. If you should choose to become a plumber, check out the HEART Trust NTA/NCTVET or any other institution that carries the program. It is a humble trade but a well-needed one.



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