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Posted By on 05/29/2018 in Category 1




  • Turn your lights off whenever you are leaving a room even if it is just for a minute.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights. Having unwanted lights on will only generates considerable amount of heat.
  • Plug out electronic equipment when leaving home or when the equipment is not being used. Including your phone charger. 
  • Ty to minimize the length of time you use your fan and ensure to always plug it out when not in use or when you won’t be home.
  • Use LED Light Bulb because they can use less than 80% of electricity than the regular conventional bulbs and they also tend to last longer.
  • Try keeping the temperature of your Refrigerator at about 30C and the freezer at 180C.
  • Try to reduce the usage of the iron. You can Iron your clothes once or twice a weekly. Remember to unplug when not in use.
  • Try and invest in a motion sensor for your outdoor light. In this way the lights will remained off and will only turn on automatically whenever someone walks nearby.
  • Instead of having the light on in your house throughout the entire day. You could open your windows to let natural light brightens the surrounding.
  •  You can eliminate Phantom power by using a power bar to turn off electricity.
  • Shutdown your Computers when it is not in used.  Doing so will help the battery life to last longer so you don’t have to keep charging your battery ever so often, If you cannot shut down your computer for whatever reasons, you can hibernate it.
  • Consider using energy reducing appliances ans electricity.

Another  way to save energy and cost is to reduce our own consumption habits and try our best to make the most out of a little.

Spread the message and tell you neighbors about how they can reduce their electricity bill 

For more information on energy consumption go to whynotja.com

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