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Posted on 12/09/2023 in Business

How to Get Hired in Jamaica as a Carpenter

How to Get Hired in Jamaica as a Carpenter

Like other professions, you must have official training and certification. The same is true with plumbing.

Although apprenticeships are still a possibility, it would be better to enroll in one of the government

programs because of how much the sector has advanced and the latest technologies involved. The

primary training facility on the island of Jamaica is the HEART Trust/NCTVET, NTA's National Council on

Technical and Vocational Education. Anyone who wants to apply can do so if they want to become

certified for any of the numerous occupations available. Additionally, there is the Union Institute &

University, which encompasses the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica and Operation Friendship

among its member institutions.

Subjects Required to Study Plumbing

You must apply with one of these passes in order to become a plumber:

Graduate of high school with a math, algebra, and geometry proficiency

a science topic, namely Physics

Computer-assisted Drafting


This institution has been around since 1982 and has grown to include more specialized institutions as

time has gone on. This makes training facilities available to people in local areas all around Jamaica.

People who wanted to be trained for skilled jobs had to move or travel to Kingston or any parish where

the course was held, which led to the realization. The Ministry of Education and the government

established connections with other establishments, and they received accreditation under The HEART


The Union Institute and University

The desire to work as a plumber is admirable. This university allows students to enroll in an Applied

Science in Plumbing Services and Technology program for a minimum of two and a half years. Students

who complete this course will receive an Associate Degree in plumbing, which integrates the theoretical

and practical aspects of the subject. They are able to perform in a variety of settings, including hotels,

homes, construction sites, and commercial spaces. The graduates' abilities allow them to work in any

area of society and are in line with worldwide norms. Graduates work for the Ministry of Labor and

Parish Councils.

The skilled workers are also taken on by the Canadian Employment Program, allowing them to

participate in short-term job programs there. Many Jamaicans have benefited greatly from these labor

programs, and if they would wish to settle permanently in Canada and have a trade like plumbing, they

are more than welcome. Applying for this status gives them the opportunity to live with their family if a

position or vacancy becomes available.

Jamaica's Plumbing Courses

There is no gender restriction on this course. More and more women are choosing to work in

specialized fields that were traditionally held by males. This has increased the numerous career paths

available to women without diminishing their sex. For some males, it could be a little difficult since they

feel intimidated. But a woman may learn any skill she wants to, and she can often succeed at it. An

excellent illustration may be seen in this March 28, 2018, Gleaner story published by the Jamaica

Information Service: JIS.gov.jm/Features/Female Carpenter Demolishing Walls

A lasting job can be secured through the expertise and career choice of plumbing, particularly if you

possess the several abilities needed. If you decide to pursue a career in plumbing, consider the HEART

Trust NTA/NCTVET or any other organization that offers the course. Though modest in nature,

commerce is much needed.

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