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Posted on 05/31/2018 in Category 1

How to treat a Sprained Muscle

How to treat a Sprained Muscle.

I went to work one day doing my regular day to day activities but while climbing the stairs my shoe got caught into a small rip in the carpet. I tried hard to keep my balance so I used one of my hands as support. Unfortunately my big finger was the first to hit ground so all my body weight went there. When I got up the first thing I saw was that my hand started swelling so I suddenly started freaking out and that's when I started feeling pains. It hurts so much I started crying yes I cried. But the thing is I did not known what to do to stop the pain and reduce the swelling. But thank God there was someone there who knows what to do to help me out.  And help me to understand that my muscle got strained.

Strained Muscle is referred to as a pulled muscle. This injury is mostly common in sports. When your muscles are strained the injured part will hurts whenever you try moving it around or applying pressure to it. The affected part will look swollen and discolored and also feel stiff.

So what are the steps that you can take?

  • First you’re going to support the injured part and rest the area. Ask someone to assist you if you need the assistance.
  • Apply ice pack or cold pack to reduce the blood flow and minimize the swelling
  • Compress the injured area with a thick layer of cotton and a crepe bandage
  • Elevate and support the injured area as appropriate
  • If the injury is sever, call the ambulance or assistance to go to the hospital to see a doctor

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