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Posted By seah bufi on 12/31/2018 in Category 1


Applying moisturizer every day will help prevent dehydration caused by extreme weather and pollutants. Do you have family and friends who are concerned about skin care? If so, gather a group of them and visit a spa for the day. Spas offer relaxing dirt facials able to get rid of dead skin cells, open pores and give a glowing appearance. Place two spoons, made of metal, into the freezer or a glass of ice water. Next, place the spoons upside down over your eyes for about seven minutes. This ends eye puffiness. Causes of eye puffiness may be hereditary, or it could be allergies, too much salt, poor diet, hormones or lack of sleep. When these issues are not remedied, using cold spoons might be the relief you need. If you have sensitive skin, it is important that the razor is sharp prior to commencing a shave. A worn out razor may cut your skin or pull hair. Irritation will cause chafing, rashes and obvious discomfort. A good razor should pass smoothly and painlessly over your skin. For paper cuts and other painful injuries to your lips, an application of antibiotic ointment several times daily will soon resolve the problem.


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