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Posted on 11/16/2019 in Travel

Jamaica Foods| Roadside Eateries in Jamaica

Jamaica Foods| Roadside Eateries in Jamaica

Because Jamaica is a mixture of nationals, hence our motto “ Out of many One People!” we fine foods are infused with the many flavors of all the nationalities. Many Jamaicans find it soothing and just fun to stop at any corner eatery and chill. They can enjoy anything from the most sought after and worldwide known Jerk chicken or pork, curried goat, fried fish, escovitch fish, fried or steamed bammies as well as roti and roasted breadfruit. We cannot leave out the soup pot which is always boiling with the Manish water (Goat head and intestines) or Chicken foot soup.

The more established restaurants in Jamaica sport these culinary delights as well, but there is something about a corner shop eatery that serves these dishes that makes the difference.

About The Vibes!

You will find a group of men and women congregated at a Domino table, and cheering for the player or team they want to win. You will find some persons just liming at the corner chatting up a girl or loudly talking about the daily happenings with their favorite sparring partner, who is able to dispute anything you say while agreeing with you as well.

 The barmaid or shop keeper keeps the ice-cold Red Stripe flowing, or if you are so inclined a Dragon or Guinness Stout. Some patrons have as their preference Red Label wine, Campari & BOOM, Turbo, and Magnum. Jamaican Rum Cream is also a favorite of patrons at these roadside eateries. 

The music playing is a mixture of the dancehall, R&B, “Old-Hits”, Reggae, sung by Jamaican artists as well as some young upcoming singers, who have their “tracts” on CDs that these eateries willingly play to give these young artists a chance to be heard. The support is genuine, as when they get their big break the community rejoices and celebrates with them.

Most of these Jamaican eateries open daily, or on weekends, like Fridays and Saturdays. It represents the time to kick back from your 9-5s and catch up with community members who you don’t generally see during the week. The owners of these businesses are mostly women who are single parents. They use the earnings as their means to financially support themselves and their children. The partnership comes in when the women and the children’s fathers will join together to make a go of the business.

Being Highlighted in the Media

Because these roadside eateries are community-based, they don’t get the recognition deserved. They compete with more established roadside eateries like Aunt Merle’s Fish Shack, Sweetwood Jerk Joint, Tuckshop Bar & Grill and many more. The reality is, many of these cookshops are serving the communities that find it more relaxing and convenient to patronize these establishments. And let's face it; the prices are affordable as well.

So, if you happen to be in any town in and around Jamaica, instead of patronizing one of the more established roadside eateries, just drop in at one of the “regulars”. You may be pleasantly surprised at the gem you have discovered! You would have made a friend, and be blessed with being in the company of some warm and friendly Jamaicas. You may also have found a good eating spot! Believe me, this may become another of your best experiences! 


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