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Posted on 01/17/2019 in Category 1

Lee Mason Funeral Home

Lee Mason Funeral Home

What do you do when your love one dies? Or what will you do when death comes to you?

Whether it is after  a long illness and expected, or, a sudden unexpected occurrence, death is traumatic experience for those left to morn the dearly departed. Grief is as natural and sure as death itself and we all grieve and morn in different ways. If you are the closest and most responsible for the affairs of the  dearly departed, you may be left with the task of planning their final Farewell. You will want to honour the memory of your loved one in the best way possible. However, this will be a very overwhelming and confusing time. How can you possibly be prepared for such a unique yet certain event? There are times when death comes suddenly and you may have never experienced it before. Even if your loved one passed away after a long illness, How do you ensure that the proper steps are taken to comply with the rules and regulations and most importantly preserve their memory with the dignity they deserve?

We at Lee-Mason Funeral Home would like to help you through this process by providing these Simple guidelines if you are ever faced with any of the following situations.

1. A death at home-

  • Notify the police
  • Notify the doctor who was attending to the deceased.
  • If the police give their permission, then contact a funeral home OF YOUR CHOICE (No one has the right to tell you what funeral home to use.)
  • If you have had past experience with a funeral home and you are satisfied with their service, you may consider using them.
  • You may also consider recommendations from family and friends or you can do an internet search for funeral homes.

2. A death at a hospital facility-

  • All deaths must be registered
  • If the person died in a government hospital, Registration can be done at the hospital.
  • In the rural areas registration can be done at the post office.
  • If the person died on the way to the hospital a clearance letter from the closest police station from where the death occurred is needed.

3. An Unnatural death-

  • This is a murder, accident or tragic condition.
  • The police will order a post-mortem to be done
  • A post-mortem is the same as an autopsy.
  • A burial order would then be issued at the time of the post-mortem
  • Note the relevant authority reserves the right to order a post-mortem in all circumstances.

Note to the living - GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER!!!

Death will come to all of us all. prepare your wills in advance. This will ease pain and suffering for your grieving relatives. Think about the type of funeral service you would like to have. Exercise your right to control the way you wish to be remembered in the same way that you now exert control over your own life.

We suggest that you tell people around you that you love them often. hug them often. pray with them often. laugh out loud and share tears. Appreciate every moment that you are given and every breath that you take. It Is never too soon to start planning because we know not the day nor the hour. Let us all get our houses in order now while we still can.

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