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Planning a All-Inclusive Wedding in Jamaica

Planning a All-Inclusive Wedding in Jamaica

Planning a Wedding in Jamaica as an All-Inclusive

    Getting married is supposed to be one of the happiest days of the bride’s life. In many cultures, the groom needs only to show up and marry the girl. Which in reality the door swings both ways. The stress, anxiety, and all-out jitters of the many different emotions that are wrapped up in the time spent planning are very overwhelming. The bride and groom experience these feelings, albeit on different levels. An all-inclusive wedding on a romantic island like Jamaica is really what the doctor ordered.

Why Jamaica?

As mentioned above, for the bride and groom it cuts down on the elevated levels of anxiety. They only need to have their closest friends and family members as guests, plan their vacation at the same time they have set the date for their wedding. Book a resort, any resort that offers all-inclusive destination weddings and you are good to go.

You will have the beautiful scenery, sun, and sea to enhance your experience while vacationing and saying your “I Dos’” all at the same time. The quaint and pulsating rhythm of the Reggae beat will enchant you to get down and dance. Not to mention the spicy flavors of our native jerk, ackee & codfish, curry, roast breadfruit, Jamaican red and white rum to mellow out;  that has become a household name internationally. We also pride ourselves in being the first island to offer all-inclusive as an option to our many guests to the Caribbean.

Just imagine combining all the above and making it official with your wedding day as the icing on the cake.

Types of Weddings to Have

You may want to have the ceremony on the beach with the sun and wind caressing your skin; while you and your guests are dressed in vibrant colors that depict festivity, yet being tastefully made to remember the solemnity of the occasion. White is never out of style, so should you and your groom choose to be dressed traditionally, this is also an option. You may also want to have the ceremony on the beach, or you may choose to be under an air-conditioned tent. This gives you protection from the sun while keeping you and your guests cool and comfortable.

Remember this trip to paradise is not just for your wedding, it is also a vacation. So remember to pack festive as well as relaxing clothes to enjoy all the different activities the island has to offer.

There is zip lining, canoeing, the catamaran cruise, snorkeling, or swimming with the dolphins are just some of the many experiences you can enjoy. The tranquil waters and long white sand beaches are ideal for horseback riding, or just lounging and soaking up some sun. There are also poolside bars that will be even more appealing as you don’t have to go very far from the water. This is certainly an experience for you and yours to have as a wedding album and lots more.

Hotel and Resort Choices for a Jamaican Wedding

Because Jamaica is such a versatile oasis of experiences, the choice of hotels and resorts are just as many. Here is someplace you may want to investigate as possible spots to have your wedding with friends and family. Remember to keep in mind, when you are enjoying yourself as a couple, your guests will need other distractions, so plan with them in mind.

·        Sunset Cove Montego Bay

·        Sandy Haven Resort

·        Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa

·        Half Moon

·        Iberostar Grand Rose Hall

As a consideration, having your bachelor and bachelorette parties; Margaritaville Caribbean is the place to be. They offer an incredible experience of fun both day and night. Start planning as soon as you decide on a date! Planning a wedding in Jamaica as an all-inclusive will be an experience to remember for a lifetime!

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