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Posted on 06/06/2018 in Category 1

Protective Hirstyles

Protective Hirstyles

Lately almost every female have been talking about protective hair styles. Girls with cream hair would say I don’t want to be processing my hair every six week so I need to wear a protective hairstyle. On the other hand natural hair females would say, I can’t bother combing my hair I need a protective hair do. But the question is; what is a Protective hair styles? Why it so important to females nowadays?

A Protective style is any hair style that protects a woman’s hair from damages that are caused by overexposure to the environmental pollution, friction and climate changes. This is a hair style that is usually heat-free and requires for your ends to be concealed. Your ends would either be pinned or tucked in. Is protective hairstyle a good thing? I would say yes. There are facts and frictions about protective hairstyles.  Many people are misled about the fact that protective Hair Styles actually allows you hair grows longer; well the actual truth is that it doesn’t. It just help your hair it to stay healthy if done in the right way and reduce breakage. In other words your hair will grow at the same rate but break less.

5 Benefits of protective Hairstyles

  • Reduce breakage:

Have you noticed that whenever you comb your hair on a daily basic it tends to have more breakage in comparison to when you just leave your hair twist up for a few days? This is due to the pulling and the tagging of the hair, “The average woman loses between 50 and 100 strands per day, even up to 150 in some cases.” But when you keep combing your hair every single day you will notice that, more hair would be in your comb or brushes that usual amount. Yes we’ve all heard that you should brush your hair at least 100 times every night and it will encourage growth, but if you have thick black kinky type hair and you want it to grow more, the best solution is to just leave your hair alone. The less you do to black hair, the better it flourishes. Wearing your hair down can also cause breakage because your hair can get caught to your cloths or fabric which will result in the ends breaking off.

  • Keeps Hair Feeling Soft

After a long day out, you finally let down your hair that was neatly wrapped up, Does it feels softer compared to when it is let lose all day? How about after you take out you sow in, does your hair still have that moisture you add to it a month ago when you just install them? Well that’s the power of protective hair styles they keep moisture locked into your hair without you having to get up every day and adding your daily moisturizer to it. It would hold in most of the natural oils that would get soaked up by dry air and your clothing. When your hair is moisturized it is less likely to suffer from dryness and breakage, which will however allow the growth in your hair to increase and also having your hair looking and feeling real good.

  • Time Savers

Most female have a busy lifestyle, some have to wake up very early every single morning to go to works. Sometimes having your hair to deal with can be very stressing and time consuming. So because of this most women would complain about bad hair days. So to have a smooth start in the mornings, protective hairstyles will definitely come in handy, you will take less time to get ready and you don’t have to worry about missing the morning bus and getting to work late. Remembers your hair is already done so all you need to do is ensure you cover your hair at nights and in the morning just put in a few hair accessories if needed and a little of hair spray and you are good to go.

  • Reduce the use of heat.

Females love to have their hair looking very neat and on point. So when they wake up in the mornings and their hair look frizzy or too straight they tend to want to draw for their curling or flat iron to resolve the problem. But this is not good. Whenever you apply heat to your hair repeatedly, this can ultimately result in hair damage. Direct heat appliances or tools on your hair can cause the cuticles of your strands to be stripped off or break away from the surrounding fibers. The explanation for this is because heat tools or appliances can literally instantly drain the moisture from your hair which can cause the outer layer (the cuticles) to expand and release moisture of your strands that were trapped in. So when your hair is tucked away under a wig or braids, you would tend to use less heat in your hair

  • Retains Growth;

If protective style is done correctly you can retain your growth. Most people would wear protective hairstyles because they want to grow longer hair. However if you don’t wear protective styles and you keep having your hair hang down it can break off at an alarming rate because loose ends can get catch on car seats ,fabric, cotton pillowcases and more. If your hair continues to break off it's difficult to see and measure growth. After wearing a protective hairstyle for a period of time, I guarantee you that you'll see longer and stronger hair. Most protective hairstyles keep the tresses up. This will cause less breakage and damage to your hair.

6 Types of protective Hair Styles

  • BUNS
  • Sow in
  • Twists
  • wigs

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