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Posted on 09/29/2021 in Travel

The Best Way to Get Around By Taxi In Jamaica

The Best Way to Get Around By Taxi In Jamaica

The Best Way to Get Around By Taxi In Jamaica


Like most countries around the world, public transportation is generally a taxi service, bus or train. Jamaica is no different. We have a taxi service network that is comparable to any country. My concern is its lack of standards base on service.


Taxi Service In Jamaica


We have private taxi services as well as registered taxi services all across the island. And we also have what we call a "Robot" taxi service.


The private service is own by a single person who may have one or more vehicles in the system. These are called "route taxis." They traverse the route they are license and stop at designated spots on their journey. They travel within the licensed areas, and have Government parking,  where they wait for passengers. They are classified as Communal Taxi services.


They can unload and load while on their delivery and make individual fare collections accordingly. The vehicles affixed with a Government PPV license plate. The PPV license plates mean they are Insured for compensation and passenger compensation in the event of an accident.


There are other Taxi Association members in Jamaica, The Jamaica Union of Travelers Association (JUTA) or Jamaica Co-operative Automobile & Limousine Tours (JCAL), 


The Jamaica Union of Travelers Association, or JUTA as they are mainly known, operates within the tourist belt across the island, also JCAL. They work from the main airports on the island and transport visitors to and from the airport and hotels. They are metered vehicles, but the meters are broken on most of these Taxis. The cost for meter repairs can be way high, so should you engage a JUTA or JCAL Taxi, ensure you negotiate a rate for the destination you are hiring them.


Car rental services are available on the island, but consider driving on the roads, maneuvering through networks of traffic. And missing out on the beauty of the island you could be experiencing while being driven. It is an option to rent a car, so you decide!


More on Route Taxi in the Corporate Area


Some exclusively private taxi services will hire a fare for a particular destination, and regardless of the passenger number, the fare charged is the same. There is one such company, Apollo. They have been operating on the island for many years. Most passengers who have traveled with Apollo, find them reliable, and professional and have used them more often than the communal taxi service.


UBER in Jamaica


UBER is here! Jamaica has granted UBER an Operating License to operate in Jamaica. It is the certain competition that is needed. The quality service afforded customers by UBER, in other countries, can be afforded here. The upside is; our Jamaican Taxi operators can begin to understand the customer's benefits to them as people who ensure their vehicles remain viable. Competition is healthy.


To engage any registered taxi services, please Google BusinessJA.com, WhyNotJALtd.com, and MyYello.com for contact details.


Listed Taxi Services in Jamaica


  • Apollo Taxi Service
  • Ontime Taxi Service
  • OTH Cabs
  • 876 On The Go
  • Gadgepro Taxi and Tours
  • El Shaddai Taxi Service
  • City Guide Taxi Service
  • Express Taxi Service


 These listed are just a few of the many available to choose from.

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