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Posted on 12/09/2023 in Travel

The Greatest Way to Travel in Jamaica Using Taxis

The Greatest Way to Travel in Jamaica Using Taxis

Public transportation often consists of a bus, train, or taxi service, just like in the majority of

other nations. Jamaica is hardly an exception. Our network of cab services is on par with

that of any nation. Its lack of service-based norms worries me.

Jamaican Taxi Service

Throughout the island, we offer both registered and private taxi services. We also have a

"Robot" taxi service, which is another offering.

A single individual who may have one or more vehicles in the system is the owner of the

private service. We refer to these as "route taxis." They travel the path they are authorized

to take and make stops at pre arranged locations. They wait for passengers in government

parking and travel only in locations that are licensed. They fall under the category of

communal taxi services.

During their delivery, they are able to load and unload and collect individual fares as

needed. The cars have the Government PPV license plate attached. When someone drives

with PPV license plates, they are covered for both liability and passenger benefits in the

event of an accident.

Other members of the Jamaica Taxi Association include Jamaica Co-operative Automobile &

Limousine Tours (JCAL) and the Jamaica Union of Travelers Association (JUTA).

Within the island's tourist belt, also known as JCAL, is where the Jamaica Union of Travelers

Association, or JUTA as they are most commonly known, works. They transport guests to

and from the airport and hotels, operating out of the island's main airports. Although these

are metered cars, the majority of these taxis have broken meters. If you hire a JUTA or JCAL

taxi, make careful to bargain for a charge appropriate for the location you are hiring them

for. The cost of meter repairs might be extremely expensive.

On the island, car rental services are offered; nevertheless, you will need to drive on the

roads and navigate traffic patterns. and passing up the opportunity to take in the island's

splendor while being chauffeured. Renting a car is an option; the choice is yours!

Further Information on Corporate Area Route Taxis

Certain taxi services that operate purely for private hire will hire a fare for a certain

destination; the fare charged is the same regardless of the number of passengers. Apollo is

one such business. They have a long history of operation on the island. The majority of

travelers who have utilized Apollo perceive them to be trustworthy and courteous, and they

have done so more frequently than they have the public taxi service.

In Jamaica, UBER

Uber is here! UBER has been awarded an operating license by Jamaica to conduct business

there. What's required is a specific kind of competition. You can afford the same high-

quality service that UBER provides to its customers in other countries. The result is that our

Jamaican taxi drivers will start to recognize how important their customers are to them as

the ones who keep their cars running. It's good to compete.

Please Google BusinessJA.com, WhyNotJALtd.com, and MyYello.com for contact

information if you would like to use any of the registered taxi services.

Jamaica's Listed Taxi Services

● Apollo Limousine Service

● Prompt Taxi Service

● OTH Cabs 876 On The Go Guided Tours and Taxis

● El Shaddai Cab Company

● City Guide Taxi Service

● Quick Taxi Service

These are but a handful of the numerous options from which to select.

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