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The Importance of Security and Surveillance Cameras for your Home and Businesses in Jamaica

The Importance of Security and Surveillance Cameras for your Home and Businesses in Jamaica

The Importance of Security and Surveillance Cameras for your Home and Businesses in Jamaica

Security has been of paramount importance since the dawn of time. Villages and towns were generally built with high walls surrounding the communities so people and property would be safe. The gates were opened for commerce, and in the evenings' vendors or traders who did not belong to the town would have to leave. The gates were locked at nights, and the cycle begins the next day. These gates were guarded by the town’s watchman who had the main keys to open, in the event a need arose. This was security before.

Today, in Jamaica, we find we have more challenges for more and better security as criminal activities have become not only sophisticated but determined. Gone are the days when we had grilled and padlocked gates, windows and doors. The criminal elements now are more technologically savvy and are not daunted most times, with what you install to secure your property.

Security and Surveillance Cameras

This is why security and surveillance cameras are so unique for these kinds of the security needs. Installing any or both of these systems will not only cause ease of mind but help with catching any criminal. Because these cameras can record much-needed footage that the authorities can use to incarcerate criminals; many are turned off from the option of breaking in. If they are so brave to attempt to break into your home or business, when caught, they can be put away for many years. 

With that in mind, keeping surveillance cameras visible on your property is a good idea. You also want some hidden cameras because a determined burglar may try to block or disable cameras he or she can see.

Although security and surveillance cameras come in many different sizes, they also have the capabilities of the range of motion, image quality, real-time viewings; which show what is happening on your premises as you watch. They are also able to allow you remote access to your surveillance systems while viewing and recording for future watching. Some systems give you remote access to turn on and off your lights, televisions, radios, garden sprinklers, lock and unlock your doors, as well as monitoring the indoors and outdoors. This is applicable whether you are away on business or vacation, or out at work. Remember, the criminal does not care whether you are there or not, his job is to get in and out without being detected. 

Modern Security and Surveillance Systems Types

The Dome Camera System

This is very common, more suited for indoor security. You see them in most if not all department stores and supermarkets. They give the behind the scenes footage of a wide expanse of the stores. They are placed at vantage points to give security personnel site on blind spots within the isles. You can see them in ceilings, or at specific corners in the building. Because you cannot see exactly where the cameras are angled, this does not mean you are not being seen. So, be aware and careful about what you do or don’t do!

And remember also, especially in the Jamaican sphere of criminal activity, many assume the persona of utility workers just to gain access to your premises.

So, having this kind of surveillance cameras installed on your premises is a huge plus.

The Outdoor Shielded Camera System

This is a system made with an outer casing to secure the device from the elements. It is usually positioned at a height and angle, which makes it difficult for any type of vandalism. If attempts to destroy the device, it is very difficult. This camera records digitally and is capable of high definition recording so your picture quality is of the highest. The police can recognize any criminals and can make an arrest.

The Low Light Camera System

This is a very unique system for surveillance. It is equipped with infrared lighting surrounded by infrared lenses. This allows the camera to record footage at night with the advantage of night vision. It is capable of emitting a sweep of light invisible to the naked eyes. This gives the thief a false sense of security, while it is recording their every move with the effect of daylight lighting. The unsuspecting thief does not know this, yet he is being captured in the act. This security camera is ideal for the outdoors. 

The above information is just a small part of what is available in security and surveillance systems, which Jamaica needs. The level of criminal activity needs to be countered, with business and property owners utilizing the available security as the option. Getting a system will depend on your needs and where you are securing. But, my thoughts are, utilizing any high-end security system for your personal and business security will be money well spent.


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