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Posted on 10/02/2021 in Places

Things to Know About Architects in Jamaica

Things to Know About Architects in Jamaica

Things to Know About Architects in Jamaica


Jamaica, not only the land of beauty, but it sports many beautiful pieces of architectural achievements. Because we have the rich culture of both French and English heritage, we are blessed with both styles of architecture. It is most visible in the city Kingston and Spanish Town, the island's old capital.


Jamaica's Architectural History


We have many famous architects that have blessed our shores on this tiny island, which many persons know us by "Wi likkle but we Tallawah!" From the Georgian Architecture of the 1700s to the Spanish and French styles of architecture in the 1800s. These were built and envisioned because of the islands being prone to hurricanes. Our buildings made predominantly of concrete are to withstand the ravages of these hurricanes. 


Because we are a tropical country, we experience hurricanes, and we are known for earthquakes and destructive insects like termites. In a humid climate, we have only two, wet and heat. Mostly year-round sun and great weather for beach activities every day should you choose. 


Jamaica and Architecture Now


We welcome new and innovative styles and creativity into our building space so, Architects can expand their craft. The thing to understand is the climate and what works, based on building materials, and we can adopt any style of architecture.   Jamaica has a wealth of homegrown architects here on the island, so please shop around, and should you want to build here. Whether a vacation villa or a retirement home, we can do that as well. 


Only browse BusinessJA.com, WhyNotJA Ltd., and FindYello.com, and you are sure to find the listings of architects here on the island. We also opened for investments, so any architects within the Diaspora that are interested, please do not hesitate. It is our rich mixed culture that makes us truly "Out Of Many One People!"

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