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Posted on 09/30/2021 in Home Tips

Things to Know About Jamaica and Its Natural Herbs and Spices

Things to Know About Jamaica and Its Natural Herbs and Spices

Things to Know About Jamaica and Its Natural Herbs and Spices


Jamaica is known worldwide to have 3/4s of the world's natural medicinal herbs. Many persons do not know this, but it is true. Our ancestors have been using these herbs to cure a common cold and types or levels of pain. 


We are known for even our ganja, which purported to be the best. Jamaicans are generally never found to be out of 10 or so of these herbs and spices. In a "pinch," we can grab one or a few in our cupboard or refrigerator to get some relief from any symptom that occurs. 


12 Herbs and Spices Used in Jamaica


  1. Garlic: used for treating colds, lowering high blood pressure, also called "poor man's antibiotic and used in most meal
  2. Ginger: The Jamaican ginger, reported to be the best in the world. Used to make drinks, we use it to lower blood pressure, fight inflammation, eases nausea, relieves stress, and more
  3. Guinea Hen Weed: Used to lessen the growth of cancer cells, thins the blood, helps with inflammation, great tea for lowering stress levels and high blood pressure. Care should be used, when using this plant, as it can cause hemorrhaging
  4. Cerassee: Good for all kinds of pain. Classified equivalent to Aspirin, cools' down the blood on a hot day, its good for lowering blood pressure
  5. Sour Sop Leaf: Good for lowering blood pressure, stress relief, a sleep aid, and is reported an appropriate treatment for slowing cancer cell growth, a great aid in stopping bed wetting, and a great drink either with milk or lime juice
  6. Bissy: This is a nut. Some people know it as Kola Nut. used to counter the effects of poison, a good source of purging the blood, a good pick-me-up when you feel tired or overwhelmed
  7. Aloe Vera: used to soothe burns, as a stomach aid, a laxative, it is delicious in a herbal drink, and a good conditioner for hair and skin
  8. Nutmeg: Great for nausea, counter the effects of an upset stomach, good to relax you when had with warm milk
  9. Noni: Lowers cholesterol. helps in asthma relief, chewing the leaves helps to control diabetes, good for elimination of parasites
  10. Moringa: The entire plant is useful. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals, has anti-inflammatory properties, prevents and treats certain cancers, aids in stomach issues, good for treating stress and anxiety issues
  11. Sarsaparilla: Good for treating Rheumatoid Arthritis, psoriasis, helps in kidney health
  12. Medina: Known as a sexual performance booster, used in Jamaica for combating fatigue; I guess because of its high iron content. Aids in relieving symptoms of the common cold, fever, and anemia


Most of these Jamaican herbs and spices are found in anyone's backyard or grown wild. Persons have cultivated them for commercial benefits; and are sold in many Herbal Stores across the island. More research is needed to educate you on the total health benefits for all of the above mentioned herbs and spices. 


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Jamaica, is ideal for investors that have the skills, and vision, and wants to tap into the bounty of our island of herbs and spices to do business.   Investors need to register their business name, and ensure their facility is approved by the Jamaica Bureau of Standard, and you are good to go.  


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