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Posted on 05/15/2020 in Health & Wellness

Things to Know About Pest Control in Jamaica

Things to Know About Pest Control in Jamaica

Pest Control Regulations in Jamaica

All countries have a regulatory pest control system in place, and Jamaica is no exception. We have to adhere to international standards of uses of any chemical or chemicals for dealing with all forms of pests. 

The Pesticide Control Authority or PCA is a Government body that falls under the portfolio of the statutory body of the Government of Jamaica. This came about through the Pesticide Act in 1975. The PCA is managed under the portfolio of the Ministry of Health. Its mandate is to ensure the Jamaican public and country at large, are carefully protected and regulatory uses of pest control chemicals are above the law. 

The Functions of the PCA as follows below:

  1. To register pesticides
  2. To license persons to import or manufacture registered pesticides;
  3. To authorize persons to sell restricted pesticides;
  4. To register premises in which a restricted pesticide may be sold;
  5. To licensed pest control operators;
  6. To consider and determine applications made pursuant to this Act and to deal with all aspects of the importation, manufacture packaging, preparation for sale, sale, disposal and use of pesticides and to advise the Minister on all matters in relation thereto;
  7. To do such other things as may be expedient or necessary for the proper performance of its functions under this Act

Extracted from the http://www.caribpesticides.net/cp_reg_body.asp


 Uses of Pesticides in Jamaica

They are used for agricultural, environmental, and human protection as it relates to controlling the pest population. Pests like weeds, rodents, insects (cockroaches, rats, fleas, mice), plant diseases, mites, and any other life form that poses a destructive or health problem within the environment. 

The regulated pesticide will be used to control such pests. The Act is so designed for persons carrying out the control functions to be properly trained. They also have to be certified and the storage space for these pesticides must be under strictly controlled storage faculties. So, the registrations of these storage sites are mandatory. 

Because the uses of these chemicals are dangerous to public health they have to be strict guidelines for use, hence, the intense training and regulations. This is done to prevent any adverse effects on human life, domestic and agricultural animals, and the environment. 

All certified pest control operators must make careful records of all jobs done as it pertains to uses of any pesticides. This is also mandatory. Their records must have the following information:

  • listing of every pesticide chemical bought

  • formulae used for mixing of pesticides

  • amount of chemical used per acreage

  • date site was treated

  • address of site treated

  • dilution calculation based on the chemical composition

Persons who are licensed to sell these chemicals must also keep very up to date records of every sale they make and to whom. All these records are needed in the event of an emergency. 

How to Choose a Pest Control Contractor

  • The PCA website is the first place to get information in the event you need the service. The listings of all licensed pest control operator are there

  • The license should be valid for three years and their application certificate must be current

  • The certificate and license must have a photograph affixed to verify the person you are engaging

  • Ensure the PCA seal is affixed and embedded in the certificate

After covering the above information, it is also good to get some form of recommendation as to the person. Ask persons who you know that may have used such individuals in the past about them. Research cannot be too much as this person will be in your personal space using hazardous chemicals. The cheapest quote may not be the best! You may what to give a “bligh” to someone to save money and end up causing more harm than good.  

On engaging the operator, ensure they do a thorough assessment of the job required and present you with a full report. The chemicals they plan to use and what are the possible effects on the household especially around children, pets, and the elderly. 

Depending on the assessment they may advise drilling, spraying, baiting, or fumigation. The first three options are controlled, while fumigation is a specialized treatment, so please ensure the operator is licensed to perform such a task. In a case like this as well; the PCA Act demands such operators have public liability insurance for this job.

Follow-up inspections as to the effectiveness of the treatment for the pest must be made known as well. This means a date for site revisit must be agreed on. 

Any pest control job should be done after a contract is signed and the warranty is stated. 

How to become a pest Control Operator?

  • To acquire a Pest Control Applicator Certificate you have to do a written exam on applying for the course.

  • On passing the written exam you then move on to the practical exam

  • On passing both exams, you then make a formal application for the Certificate.

This application will be presented to the PCA Board for consideration. On being granted the Certificate it is valid for three years.

How to Operate a Pest Control Business

  • Applicant must acquire a Business License from the PCA office

  • The license is valid for three years

  • The applicant must have their Pest Control Applicator Certificate

  • Applicant must pass the different regulatory aspects of the required certification: proper premises, storage facilities, display certificate for public viewing, ensure workers are regulated as well to handle, and work with pest control chemicals.

  • Keep updated records of all uses of chemicals for all jobs

Persons may apply for the license to be a private operator. These persons must only operate on their premises and may not do jobs for anyone to gain financial rewards. The application is made as well at the PCA office. 

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