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What is Vervain?

What is Vervain?

What is Vervain?

Vervain, or as some people know it, “vervine” is a herb. It grows wild in most countries,

but it originated from North America. The vervain plant is used, in many cultures’

folklore medicinal treatments for:

● Digestive issues

● Getting rid of toxins in the body

● Stress-related issues/ mood swings, anxiety, etc

● Monthly period cramps

● Insomnia

● Kidney issues

● Headaches

● Inflammation

● Cuts and abrasions

● Gum related issues

● Respiratory issues

● Lactation issues

● Snake bites

Please ensure you get information about this plant before consuming it. For treating any

of the mentioned ailments, Vervain is claimed to help, visit your local herbal specialist or

consult a doctor that is an expert in herbal treatments.

Because Vervain is considered to be of such great benefit, some cultures believe it has

Supernatural properties. So, those people that know about Vervain, will ensure they

have a plant in their garden.

Growing a vervain plant is not difficult, as it is a hardy plant. The plant likes sunlight and

some shade, and after the sapling is established, watering can be periodical. Obtaining

a plant is relatively easy. As you can buy seedlings from your regular plant store; or

establish a plant from cuttings.

NB: For more information about Vervain and where to access it, visit or

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