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What Returning Residents to Jamaica Need to Know

What Returning Residents to Jamaica Need to Know

What Returning Residents to Jamaica Need to Know

Firstly, WELCOME BACK TO JAMAICA! I am sure it has been your dream and plan to return to your homeland, and Jamaica is here for you. There are things you need to know before just getting on a plane and coming home. The changes and requirements for this are what you need to know, and here are tips you can use to make the process easier.

Contrary to what many people may believe, there are many moving parts involved in returning to Jamaica. If you are 18 years and older, whether you are a student studying abroad for one year and up to three years, you are eligible to apply for a Returning Residents Permit.

● You have to be a Jamaican National/ 18 years and older ● Living overseas for three years consecutively/ and over three years ● Deciding to return to Jamaica to live permanently ● If a student/ is 18 years old and studied abroad for one year/ be less than three years consecutively ● You are a non-Jamaican with a natural-born Jamaican spouse who is returning to Jamaica permanently ● You are a deportee who has been living abroad for three consecutive years and over Please note: Based on the Jamaica Customs Agency Website, a couple is considered one family. If they are returning together, get one concession. Should one member choose to return alone, then they will be granted one individual concession. If the other spouse is returning sometime after, but within three years, they are granted a concession.

Moving House

If you are permanently moving all your earthly possessions back to Jamaica, you need to start planning what to take and find out how to do so. There are many pieces of furniture you may want to consider shipping as the cost to buy new ones here may be more than you think. The Returning residents' customs department is clear on wavering duties costs to ship back your furniture, so this is not a concern; it is more a choice.

Selling smaller items may be more beneficial to you, as you can purchase when you are settled in your new home here in jamaica. Make a list of everything when you pack. It is important; for customs here in Jamaica, stripping the container. You need to be able to have their account for every item you ship.

A shipping container is an optional way to ensure all your valuable possessions are in one place. You should consider packing yourself, as this also saves on cost, and stock up on as many boxes, foam pellets, and plastic packing wrap to secure your items. Please try to keep as close to the recommended list you can import back to Jamaica, as this helps in your decision making, to either sell or give tokens of gifts to friends you are leaving behind. Should you choose to get a shipping container, investigate from the nearest shipping company in your location to see how the costs will work in your favor.

Before making your list and packing, visit the Jamaica Customs Online Application and Booking Portal to find what items qualify for concession under the Returning Residents Program.

Landing in Jamaica

On landing in Jamaica, you will have to provide customs with your Bill of Lading, TRN_ Tax Registration Number, and a Valid Jamaican passport or a conditional foreign passport. Either must have an unconditional landing endorsement stamp.

If you are importing a vehicle as one of your items for a concession, you should have a special tax compliance certificate. On filling out the required information on the Jamaica Customs Online Application Portal, you can also post the list of items in your shipping container, so, there is no question of your duty-free entitlement.

Clearance of your Shipped Items

Many returning residents to Jamaica find it difficult, waiting out the process of dealing with the many parts attached to this process. Give the process to be complete within two weeks, and all things being equal, you will be moved in by the third week. It is all hoping you have done everything required by Customs in Jamaica.

There are some costs to be incurred, even though you do get the concessions for shipping your belongings. You have to pay for:

● Freight cost- depending on what shipping carrier you use and charges ● Your packing charges- should you utilize their services to pack ● Agency Fees- for dealing with customs for clearing your shipped container ● To Strip the Container ● Clearing your shipped items through customs

To help you understand more the requirements for returning residents to Jamaica, here are links you can visit for help.

1. 2. book.pdf

You can download these sites information and even print a copy you can have on hand should you need a reminder for planning your big move. Also, here are a list of contacts for you to utilize should you need more information than what is posted above:

Contact List:


Clarendon Mrs. Heather Reid President Clarendon Association of Returning Residents 25 Trenton Crescent P.O. Box 33, May Pen, Clarendon Tel. No. (876) 9873748

Hanover Miss Gloria Spence President Hanover Returning ResidentsAssociation Esher, Lucea P.O., Hanover Tel. No. (876) 956 2083 /(876) 956 2916

Kingston & St. Andrew Miss Lorna Phillips Chairperson The Jamaican Connection28 Beechwood Avenue Kingston 5 Tel. No. (876) 929 8164/ (876) 926 4434

Mr. Percival La Touche President Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents 12 Melmac Avenue, Kingston 5 Tel. No. (876) 925 7277/ (876) 926 4005 (876) 926 2820

Mr. John Small President International ReturningResidents Association Suite 18, 10 Hagley Park Road Kingston 10 Telephone: (876) 926 0453 / (876)960 8365

Manchester Mr. David Fyffe Chairperson Central Manchester ReturningResidents Association c/o Astra Country Style Inn 62 Ward Avenue, P.O. Box 60, Mandeville Manchester Tel No. (876) 962 7979 Manchester

Mrs. Hyacinth Jones President Returned Residents Association of Mandeville 5A Cresthaven Close Mandeville, Manchester Tel. No. (876) 962-2240/ (876) 963 0557

Mr. Edward Minnifee Chairman Christiana ReturningResidents Association P.O. Box 146, Christiana P.O. Manchester Tel. No. (876) 964 2792

Manchester Branch Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents 35 Ward Avenue Mandeville, Manchester Tel. No. (876) 962 5068-9

Portland Mrs. Griselda Gordon Secretary Portland ReturneesAssociation 134 Drapers Heights Port Antonio P.O., Portland Tel. No. (876) 993 7189

St. Ann Mr. Clifford Codner Chairman Ocho Rios Returning ResidentsAssociation 7 Eltham Heights Exchange P.O. Box 245, Ocho Rios P.O. St. Ann Tel. No. (876) 974 3717

Mr. Byron McKinley Chairman Moneague Returning ResidentsAssociation c/o Spank Development Co. Ltd Moneague P.O., St. Ann Tel. No. (876) 973 0299 St. Ann

Mr. Winston Lawrence Chairman Discovery Bay ReturningResidents Association 35 Don Diego Drive P.O. Box 58, Discovery Bay P.O. St. Ann Tel. No. (876) 973 2834

Mrs. Doreen Trelford Secretary Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents P.O. Box 120, St. Ann's Bay St. Ann Tel. No. (876) 973 5016

St. Ann Branch Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents 73 Main Street Ocho Rios, St. Ann Tel. No. (876) 974 5717-8

St. Catherine Mr. Stephen C. Batchelor, O. D. President ReturningResidents Association of Jamaica 146C Leiba Close, Leiba Gardens Spanish Town P.O., St. CatherineTel. No. (876) 943 4146

Mr. Edward Hunter President Willodene Returning ResidentsAssociation 23 Queens Way, Willodene Spanish Town P.O., St. Catherine Tel. No.(876) 943 2136

Mrs. Loretta Small President Linstead Returning ResidentsAssociation c/o Linstead Baptist Church, Linstead P.O. Tel. No. (876) 985 7981/ (876)985 7633

St. Elizabeth Mrs. Jackie Beckford President Treasure Beach ReturningResidents Association Treasure Garden Hotel Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth Tel. No. (876)965 0286

Miss Paulette Elliott - Coordinator St. ElizabethReturning Residents Association Ballards Valley District Junction P.O., St. Elizabeth Tel. No. (876)965 5985

Mr. L. Gayle Chairman Santa Cruz Returning ResidentsAssociation Olive Park Santa Cruz P.O., St. Elizabeth Tel. No. (876) 966 3682

St. James Dr. Doris Channer-Watson Chairperson - Jamaica ChapterNational Association of Jamaican & Supportive Organizations (NAJASO) 43 Market StreetP.O. Box 415, Montego Bay Tel. No. (876) 952 2266 St. James Branch Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents 14 Market Street Montego Bay, St. James Tel. No. (876) 952 0706 (876)952 0765 (876) 952 0204

St. Mary Mrs. L. Forbes President Highgate Returning ResidentsAssociation Claremont Avenue, Highgate P.O., St. Mary Tel. No. (876) 992 2490 Mr. Derrick Lopez President Boscobel Heights Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents Boscobel Heights, Oracabessa P.O. St. Mary

St. Thomas Mr. Eric Robinson President Returning Residents Association P.O. Box 208, Yallahs, St. Thomas Tel. No. (876) 982 5294 Ms. Dorrett Barton President Association of Returned Jamaicans & Associates - Eastern St. Thomas Retreat, Lyssons P.O., St. Thomas Tel. No.(876) 982 9448/ (876) 982 1195/ (876) 734 0372

Trelawny Mrs. Estella Grant President Trelawny & St. JamesReturning Residents Association Silver Sands Resort, Duncans P.O., Trelawny Tel. No. (876) 9549827 Mrs. Sybil Walsh Secretary Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents Wiltshire, Trelawny c/o Royal Reef Hotel Tel.No. (876) 953 1645

Westmoreland Mrs. Beryl Johnson Chairperson United Homecomers ClubLot 1, Grove Garden P.O. Box 234 Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland Tel. No. (876) 955 9374


U.K. Mrs. D. Douglas Secretary Association of Jamaica's Returning Residents (A.J.R.R.) 43 Heron Road, Herne Hill, London SE24 OHZ. Tel. No. (44) 171-733-4244 Mr. Mark Anthony Lobban Chairman Organization of Returnees and Associates of Jamaica, (O.R.A.J.) 310 - 312 New Cross Road London SE14 6ASTel. No. (44) 171-207-8018 Fax No. (44) 181-692-2874


Dr. Joyce El-Ali President National Association of Jamaican & Supportive Organizations (NAJASO) 630 Lakepointe, Gross Point Park Michigan 48230 Tel. No. (810) 264-3531 Fax. No. (810) 264-3750


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