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Posted on 06/26/2018 in Category 1

Whynot ltd Kingston Jamaica Interior & Exterior Painting Service

Whynot ltd Kingston Jamaica Interior & Exterior Painting Service

If you need to refresh or add value to a living space, the easiest and fastest way is a fresh coat of paint.

We can help you through the entire painting process from color and paint selection to execution and clean-up.

We have been providing home and commercial painting service all over Jamaica for over five years. If you need a room or the entire interior and exterior of your home painted, Whynot expert will do best job at the fastest time possible.

What to expect from our Painting Service:

§ Interior Painting

§ Exterior Painting

§ Woodwork Painting

§ Commercial. Industrial Painting

§ Ornamental gate painting

§ Stairwell painting

§ Pool deck painting

§ Garage painting

§ Carport painting

§ Fence painting

§ Driveway painting

§ Roof painting

§ Gutter painting

Painting & Our Interior Painting Process

§ Protect the floors and furniture

§ De-glossing woodwork as needed

§ Putty and caulking as needed

§ Patching holes and cracks

§ Drywall or plaster repairs

§ Sanding and Taping off edges.

§ Paint the ceilings Paint the walls with your chosen paint.

§ Paint the baseboards and the doors

§ Return your furniture to places and remove all floor coverings

Our Exterior Painting Process

§ Free color consultation

§ Free color matching

§ A written Warranty from us

§ A warranty from the manufacturer of the paint used

§ Free pressure cleaning

§ Trenching

§ Patching

§ Minor repairs

§ Caulking

§ Coverage and protection of your plants and walkways

§ Protection of windows

§ A sealer application

§ Two (2) coats of the top quality paint of your choice

 § Site cleanup upon completion.

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