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Basic Membership  


        BusinessJA Basic (Free) Listing

  • Company Logo
    • Company Address and Telephone Number
    • Company Specialty (Products or Services)
    • Receive email messages from potential customers directed from your online listed to your email.


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    Featured Membership


  • Businesses get's to add to their Listing;
  • Company Profile Picture & Logo
  • Company Rep Name (optional) and the Name the Business
  • Address of your business
  • Click-to-call feature 
  • Marketing/Business Email - Company_name@BusinessJA.com (What is this)
  • BusinessJA Direct URL:  i.e. www.businessja.com/company_name


Listed in up to 6 Categories
Upload CV or Brochure/Flyers/Posters
2nd Prior in Search Results
Add Business Quote/Motto
Profile Statistics
Add company Information
Add and View Videos
Post Blog Articles
Add business Established Date
Add Events
Add Services
Add Operation Hours
Add Specialty/Services
Add New Products
Add Coupons
Add Photos of products, Product Galleries/Album
Add Special Events

  • We Get your Business on Google        
  • Direct C2B, B2C, B2B to your Business with Google Maps


  Certified Listing BusinessJa New

    The Certified Membership Package is a Premium package that includes "All" the services of the Featured Membership package.  We developed this package specifically for the businesses who requested more freedom on their Business profile to add coupons, products, photos, events, posting Jobs, Classified, Real Estate etc.

 Members affiliated with this package has the privilege of using most Admin features by posting Blogs, Products, Events, Video, Music etc.  We ensure that "Certified Members" get as much support from BusinessJA to drastically improve your business online presence.

      1. Benefits of Securing & Managing your Business Profile as a Certified Member

Listing added to 10 Categories
  • 1st in Search Results
  • Post Events for FREE
  • Phone Number (Click -to-call)
  • Link To Your Website 
  • Social Media Feeds on your Web page
  • Post Blog Articles
  • You can send and receive messages from customers directly
  • Leads Generation
  • Add Photos, Videos, Audio
  • Product Prices
  • Product Gallery
  • Coupons
  • Classified
  • Post Jobs

Post Events for Free
Uniformed Web page and Email address e.g. Website - BusinessJA.com/company_name
Email - Company_name@BusinessJA.com
This will be your Professional Business email. (All emails sent to this email will be electronically directed to a preferred email address submitted by you or your business) read more
Profile Statistics
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Get your Business on Google Maps
Monthly Google Local Business Report 


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