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  • Find contacts in Jamaican businesses and network in your own neighbourhood
  • Highly visible link to small and large Jamaican businesses - ranked #1 on Google for Jamaican business searches.
  • Improves the search ranking of your company website
  • Our parent company HTCS can create a customized website and host it in Canada
  • BusinessJA can create brand identity, with customized BusinessJA email, and customized ad listing

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BusinessJA is a Business Internet Directory. We offer personalized listings for YOUR business, including tools to increase your online presence.

All of our listings include your very own customized BusinessJA email. In addition, we offer customized Web Hosting, if you require a webpage for your business.

Read below to discover the benefits of listing with BusinessJA!


  1. Zero Spam - Simple. No more spam in your inbox. POP and IMAP accounts automatically filters out junk mail for you to review. Your legitimate emails won't end up as junk with our heuristic spam filters. Exchange Server users get access to our quarantine manager. You can blacklist or white list emails as required.

  2. Your Own Team of Experts - We are here for you. Our IT department can be an extension of yours. Whether you have one email account or 100, we can get your computer setup to send and receive, train your staff on webmail

  3. Reliable Access - We are committed to providing you with reliable uptime. Your email is important to you and we make sure you will have no trouble getting messages when you need them.

  4. Excellent Support - Along with your bullet proof email accounts, your email account comes with our personal support. We can be reached by email or on the phone to help you if and when an issue crops up.

  5. No Setup of Maintenance - We never charge a setup fee for our email services. You just pay for your email accounts and nothing else*. We can talk you through the setup or you can refer to our handy setup instructions and do it for yourself.
    *Web hosting charges are extra and not included in the cost of each mailbox.
  6. Seamless Scalability - When your company grows, your infrastructure must also grow even faster. As your email needs grow, we can fine tune your email accounts to suit your needs. Whether it's extra POP or IMAP accounts or the need for a Hybrid solution including Exchange server accounts we can Tailor a solution to meet your current needs.
  7. Data Access from Anywhere - Location is no longer an issue. You can send and receive email from any computer or device that is connected to the internet. With IMAP and Exchange server email, you data transmissions are secured to avoid any possibility of data leakage.
  8. Security - Businesses can spend thousands of dollars to protect their data—or they can save thousands by turning to a hosted system. Hosting companies integrate extensive security measures to protect your data from physical threats—such as theft, overheating, power outages, and fire—as well as technical threats from hackers or prying eyes.

    The Advantage:

    Our data centers are designed to protect your data (PDF) from all physical and technical threats. And to secure your data during its journey through cyberspace, our system uses DoD standards-based protocols, as well as extended SSL encryption, and we meet all PCI DSS data security requirements for information security.
  9. Huge Mailboxes - 10GB Mailboxes & 50MB Attachments We take storage out of the equation. That's why we offer users huge, 10 GB mailboxes. Now you don't have to worry about cleaning out and archiving your mailbox every week to be sure you have room for that next big attachment. With 10GB of data storage space, your users can keep all of their emails in their account without deleting them. This helps users to create an effective archive of work activity. It also provides an excellent way to manage and retrieve information about past projects, decisions, and emailed conversations.
    50MB Attachments

    Send and receive up to 50MB attachments. Our industrial strength email service eliminates the size limitations of other email service providers. This helps to ensure that users can send and receive important attachments without concern for file size limitations.
  10. Device Sync - Today's on-the-go email user demands synchronization of their data, regardless of device or location. Businessja addresses this growing need by providing sync service with any capable mobile device (e.g.) Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and/or Blackberry.

    With our sync service, users can keep their calendar, contacts, and tasks synchronized across Microsoft Outlook with their smartphones/tablets, and Businessja Webmail. Sync is designed as a plug-in, using the open standard SyncML and can be installed directly on a user's computer or mobile device. Users can also customize the synchronization settings and also set up automatic synchronization.

    Reduce frustration while increasing productivity by eliminating the need to enter the same data into several locations.


  • Synchronize calendars, contacts, and tasks between Microsoft Outlook, Mobile devices, and BusinessJA Webmail

  • Synchronize mail, calendars, and contacts to your smartphone

  • View shared calendars in Outlook and BusinessJA Webmail

  • Schedule automatic synchronizations

  • Manage and update data from any computer, and/or Mobile device

  • Allow others to view your calendars online or offline

  • Easily set up sync capability between multiple computers

  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. We won't force you into long-term contracts. If we fail you, we'll give you your money back and help you take your business elsewhere.


  • Ultra Reliable

  • Quick website response

  • High Security

  • Excellent Support

  • Flexible custom applications


You're not a hosting provider. Nor should you be. But behind your sites and apps sits hardware and infrastructure which someone needs to handle. And if what you're doing is complex enough, you sooner or later don't want to mess with the distraction of this full-time responsibility. But no worries, our Managed Hosting solutions take the hardware out of your hands without taking the flexibility, scalability and custom support you need day-to-day to do what you do best.


E-commerce sites need to be secure, compliant, available and scalable at all times. And these priorities depend mostly on the infrastructure and support running behind the site. If there's a weak link in just one place, your site could be vulnerable to downtime, exploits and the attention of some unsavory individuals lurking in the Internet's shadows (the bad guys). Your site, revenue and reputation are all on the line. Good thing we (the good guys) take these things seriously for you.


Developing and managing content is the first step in creating a memorable rich media experience. The second—and equally important step is actually using an infrastructure that can deliver your content quickly and cleanly. Even if it's behind the curtain, your hosting infrastructure, especially your storage, needs to perform flawlessly. And it's our job to make sure it does just that.


No more call centers. No more dealing with a different person every time you need something. No more transferring you to the "expert" who transfers you to another "expert" and then on to another "expert", with none of them knowing anything about your configuration, your needs or even your business. And, most importantly, no more feeling like you're just one more anonymous customer stuck in a system that works against you instead of for you.


BusinessJA builds a plan that has exactly what you need based on our experience and understanding of your business. We do this custom planning for you and provide hosting at a price that makes superior performance, reliability and support affordable.