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Posted By ARNOWA on 04/27/2021 in Sport

Beast Edge


The Arnowa Beast Edge is an on-site advanced video processing IoT Multiprotocol Edge Computing device and gateway that communicates with the Arnowa Carbon cloud. This is used mainly on high end high performance Video Processing Applications. No static IP address or firewall configuration is required for the device to function. The device only requires simple outbound Internet access to connect to the cloud or the optional 4G built in connectivity may be opted. The device has the capability to connect with multiple sensors and CCTVs for Artificial Intelligence processing on the edge that generates data for further analytics. Any other meter or sensor from the Arnowa Ecosystem can also be connected to device via-compatible protocols available or best suited for the application. This device is also ready as an edge device to measure electric, gas, water, tank levels, fuel usage, temperature, humidity, air quality, noise levels, light levels, solar irradiation, water quality or as a gateway for an automation system using sensors and controls from Arnowa Ecosystem and the Arnowa Carbon Data Analytics platform. You can connect thousands of monitored data streams to an account on the Arnowa Carbon and can correlate them with other data streams from logged or legacy data sets. This system provides advanced analytic and reporting service to authorized personnel via their Internet-connected PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. The Arnowa Ecosystem is capable of measurement and verification, performance and tracking, fault-detection, analytics and sharing data and analytics to the wider community as required.

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