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Posted By Zahra Aromatherapy on 03/09/2018 in Other

Body Polishers


Body Polishers: Sweet Orange, Peppermint Cocoa, Coffee Vanilla

Sweet Orange: A true treat to the skin that has a lovely outburst scent of citrus among other spices! This lovely exfoliating polisher will detoxify and cleanse the skin's surface. Can be used by itself and even richer with sweet orange soap. Used once weekly on face and body for great results! Truthfully a `Beautifully Jamaican` product.

Peppermint Cocoa: This lovely pleasant aroma that tickles your fancy as a mint lover with the richness of a cocoa aroma. Used for removing toxins from the skin's surface it will leave the skin feeling cool and refreshed! Truthfully a `Beautifully Jamaican`product.

Coffee Vanilla: This is not only but a pleasant scent but good to take away cellulite through the extraordinary benefits of coffee. It will revives skin's elasticity! Can be used by itself even better with and beauty bars. Truthfully a Beautifully Jamaican`product.

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