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Posted By Zahra Aromatherapy on 03/08/2018 in Other



Lipbalms Ylang Ylang, Teatree, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange

Lemongrass: Infused with natural ingredients of lemongrass essential oil, Exotic Mafuru Butrer from East Africa! This lovely lipbalm will keep lips moisturized with true delight. Truthfully a `Beautifully Jamaican` product

Teatree: Infused with natural ingredients of teatree essential oil that works miracles on troubles lips. A natural antiseptic to blisters and sores. This lipbalm not only will keep lips moisturized but heal troubles lips. Truthfully a ` Beautifully Jamaican` product.

Sweet Orange: Infused with natural ingredients of sweet orange essential. In its appealing bright orange colour from Annatto. This citrus delight will uplift the mood. Heals and moisturizes. All lovely natural ingredients with exotic Mafuru Butter from East Africa! Truthfully a `Beautifully Jamaican` product

Ylang Ylang: Infused with Ylang Ylang essential oil with natural colouring of turmeric. All lovely ingredients with exotic ingredients from East Africa! This delightful product will uplift any mood. Moisturizes with a lovely feeling. Truthfully a `Beautifully Jamaican `product.

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