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Information on Call Centers and BPOs Their Advantages for the Economy of Jamaica

Information on Call Centers and BPOs Their Advantages for the Economy of  Jamaica

Jamaica is in a position to write and reconstruct history. We have long served as a center for trade and

business, and we have played a significant role in establishing numerous, varied connections between

Jamaica and the US, Canada, and England. We are making significant strides in the ICT and business

process outsourcing (BPO) sectors in the twenty-first century. This is because the sector needs young,

educated English speakers, and we have a large pool of them.

Given our high unemployment rate, we believe that the BPO industry offers the quickest and most

stable path to job creation. Jamaica's primary source of income, accounting for half of our total income,

is tourism. According to the statistics reports, bauxite and remittances rank second and third,

respectively. Multinational corporations encourage the BPO or call centers to invest in Jamaica. They

own the company, and we are a good place to plant.

According to Ms. Dian Edwards of JAMPRO, the BPO sector in Jamaica was described as a "new

phenomenon of the past 10 years" in March of 2016. "The sector has grown by 63% over the past five

years, from about 11,000 employees in 2009 to over 17,000 today."

Currently, the industry brings in roughly US$300 million annually and is home to about 40 outsourcing

businesses, the most of which are foreign. English is our official language, we have six colleges, a robust

postsecondary education system, and a young labor force, according to Ms. Edwards. A new mandate

from the government calls for the industry to increase in size to 32,000 workers by 2020. She states,

"That is our aim, and I believe we are on track."

Source: Jamaica`s BPO Boom.pdf (page 31) at https://dobusinessjamaica.com/wp-


The Present and Future of BPOs and Call Centers in Jamaica

They have made significant progress in ensuring that the government's 2016 projections come to pass.

The sector is currently valued at $400 million US as of 2018. The government has estimated generated

figures of US$750 million for 2020 due to the strong expansion. This means that investors have no

excuse not to take use of the capabilities available, given that Jamaica is an English-speaking Caribbean

nation with a large pool of university graduates and recent high school graduates looking for work.

There are about 60 businesses functioning in Jamaica as of 2018, some of which are well-known. The

Minister of Science, Energy, and Technology, Dr. the Honorable Andrew Wheatley, has reported on

Xerox, Sutherland Global Services, Teleperformance, Alorica, HGS, and Starteck. In 2018, he was giving

the keynote address at the Montego Bay Convention Center's Outsource 2 Jamaica Symposium and


Benefits for Jamaica from the Introduction of Modern Infrastructure: Although this infrastructure is used

in the BPO industry, it may also be incorporated into our company model. The Jamaican business sector

can benefit from the introduction of systems such as VoIP, Fiber, and CRM (customer relationship

management) to improve services. As we expand in the worldwide market, we must make sure we make

the most of everything at our disposal. Since the infrastructure is already in place, we ought to take

advantage of it to the fullest.

Potential for Development in BPO

In addition to hiring people to answer calls, the BPO industry has room for expansion. People have

advanced to become managers and supervisors, and they have even taken advantage of the chance to

extend their education by enrolling in all training courses and going to the University of the West Indies'

Mona campus to earn undergraduate degrees. For those young people who are motivated to grasp the

opportunity and benefit from what the BPO sector has to offer, the possibilities are endless. There is

potential for economic growth, stability, and a promising future.

According to an article published in the Observer in February 2018, a number of youthful, intelligent,

and motivated individuals have taken advantage of the training provided by the HEART TRUST/NTA, in

addition to several institutions doing their own training. After graduating, they are screened into

employment with starting salaries that are commensurate with global norms. International employment

is accredited for the certificates. To guarantee that the entire range of exposure is made, the industry

collaborates closely with JAMPRO, HEART TRUST/NTA, and numerous other commercial and public

sector partners.

More young people are finding chances in BPO, according to the Jamaica Observer


Jamaica is home to many young, intelligent people, but we need a variety of jobs. It is imperative that

we recognize that the industry requires experts with experience to share their knowledge and propel it

to new heights of development. And Jamaica is so capable and equipped to pull it off.

In summary

In terms of financial growth, the globe is changing, and we in Jamaica are making sure we have a piece

of the action. The BPO industry is only getting started, and the millennial generation needs to open their

eyes, see the opportunities, and seize them if we are to reach our nation's full potential. Thousands of

intelligent people are out there; all they need to do is shine once they have their foot in the door. Call

centers in Jamaica are open and prepared to transition into the technological future.

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