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Posted on 12/09/2023 in Business

Social Graces: Their Significance in Our Lives and Business Partnerships in Jamaica, the Caribbean, and the Global Community

Social Graces: Their Significance in Our Lives and Business Partnerships in  Jamaica, the Caribbean, and the Global Community

It's not difficult to be in a business connection in Jamaica or anywhere else in the world. All we have to

do is comprehend the guiding principles of the partnerships. If we want to excel in the corporate world,

we need to learn how to work inside the organizational structure in Jamaica using a common sense,

logical approach.

Comprehending the Structure of Organizations

Putting groups of objects, people, or entities together logically allows for easier work flow and

completion of tasks. This is known as organizing. There's no need for chaos or dashing around like a

"chicken without its head" when we organize a workstation and everyone knows where to locate what

they need. Everyone is aware of where to look for necessities.

Recognizing the Unity of Command

In a corporate setting that is appropriately organized, the same idea applies. Everyone with a variety of

skills is given the duty to make sure they complete the task at hand. This occurs when department

managers assign tasks based on their knowledge of each employee's skill set. They make sure that

everyone completes their tasks and that the organization moves forward at a set pace. The rhythm is

disturbed if the flow varies or if someone trips over their designated assignment. Since the department

head ultimately answers to the top boss, it is their duty to resolve the matter.

This explains why many business companies have divisions that are set up to complete tasks, assign

tasks, and monitor their completion. As a result, senior management has more time to handle company

issues. Should upper management feel the need to extinguish every blaze within the company, then the

corporate ladder structure isn't functioning as it ought to.

Too many middle management personnel have the power to assign tasks to lower-level workers; as a

result, lines are crossed and people find it difficult to follow directions from so many powerful people. It

is necessary to give the organizational structure and job delegation to people who are well-versed in the

flow and boundaries. This will guarantee that work moves along smoothly, that everyone knows what is

expected of them, and that nobody becomes overworked.

Avoiding Boundaries

This is crucial in any business setting. In the event that a lower-level employee's talents are required,

management should formally request to use that employee from that department. "Since I am

management, I have the authority to use this employee from another department," shouldn't be the

underlying presumption. In the workplace, this form of "authority" will lead to misunderstandings and

occasionally hostility. It detracts from the overall rhythm of the structure and will make the parties


There aren't many such structured groups in Jamaica. It's challenging for corporations, governments,

and even small businesses to cope with workers in lower ranks. This is a result of the lack of a clear,

"black and white" understanding of how the organization ought to function. There are too many gray

areas, therefore it's important to make someone aware of their positions to prevent confusion. It should

have such a straightforward structure to avoid creating any unnecessary confusion.

Social Charm

The majority of us learned how to be courteous as kids. Saying "please" is how we were taught to ask for

things. When we express our gratitude to someone upon receiving something, they reply, "You are

welcome." Dealing with people who don't know or haven't been taught these basic phrases of common

courtesy presents a challenge.

A few of us were instructed in the art of honoring time—both our own and that of others. It was

ingrained in us to arrive on time for appointments. Being punctual for job, church, and school was

instilled in us. We interpret being on time as showing respect for the person in front of us. We make the

necessary effort to be on time for appointments and meetings because we recognize how important

other people's time is.

Behaving with Social Graces

The same obligations apply to maturing and being able to influence others successfully in social or

professional settings. Being late for an appointment is an extremely impolite and disrespectful gesture.

It is quite impolite to not try to apologize for being late while the appointment is still waiting for you to


You will have undoubtedly made the other person lose faith in your ability to offer them any goods or

services you have that you think they might find interesting, especially if it's a business meeting. The

problem is that your disregard for their time will have ruined your prospects of ever getting your point

across. You will have lost a potential client as a result of your disrespect for time. It might even lead to

you being shunned in the business sector as someone who doesn't value other people's time or even


Social Graces and Jamaica

I can now clearly see that a large number of people in Jamaica, including some of the elder ones, have

thrown away the art. We refuse to realize the requirement of being courteous and respectful when

interacting with clients, friends, family, and coworkers, despite the fact that we want to be

acknowledged and even respected in social and professional settings.

Jamaicans have a propensity to disregard others' time. It has no value to them. They frequently arrive

late for social gatherings, meetings, and appointments and bemoan the fact that they aren't attending

any activities that could improve their quality of life. It's important to arrive on time for appointments

you have in professional settings. Time is money. Informing the meeting that you will be late is polite in

the event that you anticipate being late. Either cancel, make sure they can wait a short while, and then

apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Everybody has a smartphone, therefore let's make good use of them! They're not just for chatting!

It's considered humorous among Jamaicans when we are late for a social gathering. In our culture, we

think it's just a "thing from Jamaica." It is not recommended. We have to acknowledge that there are

individuals in the world outside ourselves. They do not consider waiting to be a fruitful life.

Arriving late to church is likewise not recommended. Even though we are aware of the service time, we

arrive after it has begun. But we look on God to provide for our needs and desires on schedule. We want

Him to honor and regard our pleas, but not to waste time on them. Although we are always willing to

forgive, we never express gratitude or regret for our actions, even when they disregard the time of the

Almighty. We question why things don't turn out the way we want them to. The things that are absent

from all of the above are common social graces.

Clothes Code as a Common Delight

Throughout the last ten years, the dress code has changed, and we are aware of our place in the global

community. From a commercial perspective, though, we must acknowledge that we do not exist in a

vacuum. It is no longer appropriate for us to wear our lounge wear to work because the dress rules for

the workplace have shifted from three-piece suits, business suits, and appropriately attired employees.

It's important to understand the dress code before attending an interview. No matter what kind of work

they are looking for, they should never dress casually. If management requests that you wear a specific

outfit once you are hired, then allow them to furnish your work clothes.

I also have to address my personal dislike, which is tattoos. Many people's tattoos have prevented them

from getting employment. Even though they are highly qualified, they would prefer not to have a

representative tattooed due to the organization's portfolio of clients and consumers. It is my opinion

that Jamaica has not made the same progress as certain other global organizations, and let's face it—our

society is set up in a way that makes it acceptable for skilled workers to have tattoos rather than white-

collar workers. If you feel the need to get a tattoo, should you have it somewhere less noticeable on

your body? It will set you up for a fantastic, discrimination-free job.

Social graces and business ties vary depending on where you live in the world. Since most are

connected, it is best to become familiar with the pertinent structures. The cultures of the Caribbean and

Jamaica might not be all that dissimilar. All we need to do is educate ourselves while gaining knowledge

about the outside world.

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