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Posted on 08/16/2019 in Beauty

Starting a Beauty Salon in Jamaica | Operational Tips

Starting a Beauty Salon in Jamaica | Operational Tips

   Like any business, the laws of the land require registration and certification for them. The beauty salons are not exempt. Really, they do need to be as they are dealing with chemicals and some hair technologies that require skills and the proper training to be able to deal with clients. There are many beauty salon schools that are accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health in Jamaica for persons to get qualifications and certification.

These institutions are vetted by the relevant authorities and need to update their licenses to remain viable. The same is required of the beauty salons.

Operating a Beauty Salon in Jamaica

All establishments across the island acquire a license to operate a beauty salon and some have none. What they do is open the business, then hire a licensed hairdresser to work in the establishment. This is illegal, and it only puts the hairdresser at risk of losing their license to practice. Hence, the employment of the hairdresser by the unlicensed beauty salon owner is not valid.

 This happens especially if a qualified hairdresser is unable to start their own business and really do need a job. So the unlicensed business owner preys on the vulnerable.

The government has started to clamp down on these unlicensed enterprises. This is because persons who use them for beauty treatments and are harmed by the wrong use of chemicals and hair treatments have no legal recourse. They are left to bear the cost of dermatological expenses as well as any medical issues from the wrong treatments.

The unlicensed establishment is visited by the Parish Council, who is the regulating authority for the different Parishes in Jamaica. If found to be in any breach, are given time to become certified, and fully licensed. If after the given time has elapsed and they have not complied; the establishment is closed, their license is suspended, and the offenders are taken to court.

Protect You When Using a Beauty Salon

 There are many credible and fully licensed beauty salons in Jamaica. They are found listed and when you walk into one, the governments’ certificate or stamped licensed is displayed so all are able to see. They may be a bit more costly than the unlicensed ones, but the truth is told, it works out for the best. Your beauty needs are done by professionals, and the advice you will get is helpful in dealing with any and all issues you have.

If for any reason you are recommended to a beauty salon by a colleague or friend, it is important you determine if the establishment is legally licensed. Protecting you is very important. There have been many reported cases of a disfigurement from being treated and attended to by persons that are not qualified to even be in someones’ hair!

The Ministry of Health has found it very costly treating individuals who are harmed, sometimes irreparably by these unscrupulous individuals. It is better to err on the side of caution and use an established beauty salon, than, going to an unlicensed establishment and have to pay dearly. Your health is very important. We do know that “Beauty is Expensive” however, not this expensive.

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