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Posted on 12/09/2023 in Business

Things to Know About Social Graces and Boundaries in the Workplace

Things to Know About Social Graces and Boundaries in the Workplace

A corporate entity is any person or organization that owns and runs a business. They have employees

and a graduating position in the company. The supervisor, manager, assistant manager, and lower-level

staff are required to abide by the direction and leadership of the various roles. We must acknowledge

that this is how the system is intended to operate in Jamaica. It's an international formula that needs to

be understood, and it's actually quite easy.

Recognizing the Company

Arranging something logically into a certain system is the definition of organization. This entails

organizing groups of objects, people, or entities such that tasks are completed sequentially and chaos is

avoided. There is no need for confusion when the workspace is organized and everyone knows where to

locate what they need.

In Jamaica, we must implement this type of organizational structure, or else the chaos that now exists in

many of our larger corporations and even smaller enterprises will persist. It begins with the absence of

an organization in the governmental system. If the person in charge does not know how to delegate

effectively, a lot of people are assigned to jobs that will never be productive.

We can order people to execute tasks, but if we don't provide clear directions on how to complete the

task, there will be a great deal of confusion and mayhem. When the organizational framework that

facilitates delegation collapses, this occurs. Either everyone thinks they are in command, or the lower-

level employees have decided they are as well.

This occurs when too qualified individuals are hired for a lower-level role or when not enough qualified

individuals are hired to fill specific positions. In either case, it lowers the bar of qualifications, which

makes individuals angry or inclined to take matters into their own hands. Accountability disappears, and

we question why things aren't functioning properly. The boss overlooks the fact that, whether the

lower-level worker completes the task correctly or not, he or she is still accountable. The top boss is the

one to whom the manager reports.

We must return to the fundamentals in order to comprehend how an organizational structure functions.

When we were kids, our parents were the heads of the household, mom was the caregiver, and the kids

had to pay attention to what their parents said and follow the rules. We were meted out consequences

for disobeying. We could finish the task if we were attentive to the directions provided.

We must equalize the positions in all Jamaican organizational structures. From the federal government

to the tiny company with one worker, everything is connected. An organization's structural functions

must be respected if we are to avoid the turmoil that is being documented on a daily basis. There is a

breakdown in the comprehension of organizational structure even in our schools.

Transcending Boundaries

We must make sure we abide by the Ps and Qs of what to do and what not to do as we move forward to

level the playing field in order to be acknowledged on the global stage. This is a crucial matter! We have

to learn and comprehend these rules before we can play in the sandbox with the big boys. Although

Jamaica has a distinct culture, the organizational framework is the same everywhere.

We learned to ask for things when we were little, and this is true no matter where you went. It is

improper for you to take something that is not yours, and you shouldn't anticipate facing severe

penalties. This needs to be understood by everyone.

It's also critical to respect individuals in positions of authority. We must acknowledge the significance of

deference to authority. We no longer fear showing respect to those in positions of authority since this

has gone on for far too long. The breakdown has been brought on by stepping outside the bounds of the

hierarchy. We cannot keep doing the same thing and hope for different outcomes.

What Social Graces are All About

As my grandma used to say, "Having good manners will help you succeed in life." This is something I

firmly believe.

Since we are little children, we have been trained to ask and receive during conversations in the

following general order: please, thank you, and you are welcome. Many people have questioned the

significance of this because they were either not taught it at all or were told it but it was not upheld.

Getting people to realize that these few words can open up a lot of doors is the difficult part.

Another forgotten art is showing respect to those in positions of power and to your elders. When it

comes to this kind of respect, Jamaicans have shifted to the far left. It's seen as outdated. The fact is that

in order to go forward, we need to make an effort to comprehend the outdated ideas and recognize our

own perspective. Respect and good manners will go you far in life and open many doors. As He states in

his own words, the Almighty God never tells lies. Isaiah 5:20 "Woe to those who attribute goodness to

evil, evil to good, darkness to light, and sweetness to bitter, and bitter to sweet, and light to darkness."

You are headed for disaster in this, as many of our Jamaican schools have demonstrated. It is also

evident in the corporate sector and in our government. There are no penalties for bad behavior, no legal

redress for lawmakers who break the law, and no repercussions for company and employee policies that

are broken. It all comes down to how we define good and wrong and behave in these environments.

Social graces and time

Time is an extremely valuable resource. Every day, we have 86.400 seconds. How should we handle it?

How would we use these 86,400 seconds if we were given money? This demonstrates the significance

and value of time. Being on time is imperative when attending a meeting or interview. Keep in mind that

the person we are meeting with is highly significant, and you should respect their time. Please accept

our apologies if we turn out to be running late. Never underestimate the importance of punctuality—it's

a "Jamaica Thing!"

The Social Grace of the Dress Code

It is crucial that you dress appropriately for the employment for which you are applying. When you

present yourself professionally for the interview, you convey a great message. It demonstrates your

cultured demeanor and your regard for the business and the people you aspire to represent. It also

conveys to the firm that you are honored to be given a chance to be hired.

My neighbor had a helper when I was a teenager. A young woman dressed for a domestic job and

wearing a professional suit walks by our house every morning. I also realized that she attended evening

classes in order to continue her degree. I was deeply affected by this, and even at fifty years old, I can

still clearly recall it.

I also have to address my personal dislike, which is tattoos. Many people's tattoos have prevented them

from getting employment. Despite their extreme qualifications, they would prefer not to have a

representative tattooed because to the organization's focus on clients and customers. Jamaica, in my

opinion, is not as prepared for this as certain other international organizations. If you feel the need to

get a tattoo, should you get it somewhere that covers it up? It won't be a factor in your job application

since nobody will be aware of it.

Considering the regulations that apply to our social and professional spheres while making decisions

must be a personal one. We are what we choose to be, so let's make wise decisions.

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