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Posted on 12/09/2023 in Health & Wellness

Things You Should Know About Jamaica's Hospitals

Things You Should Know About Jamaica's  Hospitals

Despite the fact that Jamaica is categorized as a "Third World Country," I choose not to think

of us as such. Since we gained our independence from England ten years ago, many have

expressed concern about our healthcare facilities. But compared to 50 years ago, I think

we've gone a long way.

Jamaican Hospitals

The Bustamante Children's Hospital, located in Jamaica, is the biggest children's hospital. It

helps a lot of the ill kids in Jamaica and the Caribbean. The largest trauma hospital in the

Caribbean is the Kingston Public Hospital. The main teaching hospital on the island and in

the region is the University Hospital of the West Indies. Not to add that The Cornwall

Regional Hospital is one of the most traditional.

If you decide to use any of the facilities, please be advised that while they all require some

sort of renovation, the level of service provided is, in my opinion, between 75 and 80

percent. And the reason for this is the numerous pieces of contemporary equipment that

hospitals are trying to acquire. My worry is that in order to guarantee that the majority of

our Class 1 hospitals in Jamaica are sufficiently equipped to serve the nation and the wider

Caribbean, there needs to be more support from the private sector.

There are plenty of hospitals in Jamaica; all we need to do is improve our bed capacity and

equipment to rank among the best in the area.

Jamaica Hospitals Listings

● Chinese Sanitarium Institute of Hope

● Private Andrews Memorial Hospital

● Bustamante Hospital for Children (BHC) and Bellevue Hospital (BVH)

● Medical Associates Hospital (private) and Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)

● El Shaddai Hospital National Chest Hospital (NCH) in Jamaica

● The private Nuttall Memorial Hospital

● University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) St. Joseph's Hospital

● Hospital Victoria Jubilee (VJH)

● Maxfield Park Medical Center, Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Center, and Heart

Institute of the Caribbean

● Gyne Associates Private Hospital

● Hospital in Portland Parish, Buff Bay Hospital Port Antonio

● Princess Margaret Hospital in Saint Thomas Parish

County of Middlesex

● May Pen Hospital, Chapelton Hospital, Clarendon Parish

● Hospital for Lionel Town Community

● The private Manchester Parish Hargreaves Hospital

Percy Junior (Spalding Community) Hospital at Mandeville Hospital

● Saint Ann's Bay Hospital, Saint Ann Parish

Alexandria Community Hospital

● Hospital of Saint Catherine Parish in Linstead

Hospital in Spanish Town

● Hospitals in Saint Mary Parish, Annatto Bay, and Port Maria

● Cornwall County Hospital - Noel Holmes

Parish of Saint Elizabeth

Hospital at Black River

● The Saint James Parish's Regional Hospital (CRH) in Cornwall

Private Montego Bay Hospital

● Montego Bay's Doctors Hospital Hospital (private)

● Trinity Mall Medical (private)

● Hospital in Falmouth, Jamaica, Trelawny Parish

● Royale Medical Center Westmoreland Savanna-la-Mar Public Hospital

● Noel Holmes Hospital in Hanover

I think we are doing very well for a tiny island like Jamaica to have so many hospitals to

serve the over 3,000,000,000 people on the island as well as the rest of the Caribbean. If

you require a consultation or any other medical service, you may find contact information

on BusinessJA.com for locations all across Jamaica.

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